⁞ On the use of Assemblage as a discursive tool ⁞

APP Nature morte 1914 TatePablo Picasso, Still-life, 1914.

a-glass-of-absinthe-1914Pablo Picasso, Glass of Absinthe, 1914.

1952-61-117Kurt Schwitters,Merz Construction, 1921.

sailorsKurt Schwitters, Small Sailors’ Home, 1926.

breton-poem-imageAndré Breton, Poem-Objet, 1935.

cornell.abeillesJoseph Cornell, Abeilles, 1940.

01 Untitled (Lauren Bacall)Joseph Cornell, Lauran Bacall, 1945-46.

Belief System 1959 by John Latham 1921- 2006Josh Latham, Belief System, 1959.

coca cola planRobert Rauschenberg, Coca-Cola plan, 1959.

11_WortfallenDaniel Spoerri, Word Snares, 1964.

29_Malatie-della-pelleDaniel Spoerri, Skin diseases, 1985-86.

david-lynch-william-griffin-boy-lights-fireDavid Lynch, Boy Lights Fire, 2010.

david-lynch-william-griffin-pete-goes-to-his-girlfriends-houseDavid Lynch, Pete Goes To This Girlfriend’s House, 2010.

bAngelica Julner, Untitled.

aAngelica Julner, Untitled.

time-to-listenHeidi Kirkpatrick, 2005 –2011.

microscopeHeidi Kirkpatrick, 2005 –2011.

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