picasso-1912-still-Life-with-Chair-Caning-1st-collage-synthetic-cubismPablo Picasso, Still-life with Chair-caning, 1912.

breakfast-by-juan-gris-0803Juan Gris, Breakfast, 1914.

soldier-of-the-first-division-1914Kazimir Malevich, Soldier of the First Division, 1914.

kurt1Kurt Schwitters, Merz Picture 32 A. The Cherry Picture, 1921.

approaching-puberty-webMax Ernst, Approaching Puberty… (ThePleiades), 1921.

mernst_coupleMax Ernst, The Couple, 1923.

tumblr_loq0ueui2l1qb0z6go1_500El Lissistszky, Tatlin at Work, 1921.

MW_5Robert Motherwell, View from a High Tower, 1944–45.

staedel_gegenwartskunst_hains_raymond_coupdepiedfusstritt_1960Raymond Hains, Coup de Pied (Kick), 1960.

HUGN_2_WR_HUGNET_LGGeorges Hugnet, Mademoiselle Lachèvre, 1947.

HUGN_3_WR_HUGNET_LGGeorges Hugnet, C’est ainsi qu’il lui advint…, 1947.

France_and_the_World__Bogota__Le_France_et_le_Monde___2011Joel-Peter Witkin, Le France et le Monde, 2011.

jpwitkin1Joel-Peter Witkin, Woman with small breasts, 2007.

seydel8Robert Seydel, Book of Ruth, 2010.

seydel5Robert Seydel, Book of Ruth, 2010.

380x500x20_03_v2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FQ97A90UgcAnthony Gerace, Untitled.

379x500x20_02_v2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.DkT7G_k-l_Anthony Gerace, Untitled.

noah davis frogsNoah Davis, Frogs, 2011.

The-Acts-of-Mercy-Burying-the-dead-nr.8 copyLuuk Wilmering.

The-Acts-of-Mercy-Giving-to-the-Thirsty-nr.3Luuk Wilmering.

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