7-henry-peach-robinson-1830-1901-des-1852-stt-1857-fading-away-1858Henry Peach Robinson, Fading Away, 1858.

Oscar-gustave-rejlander_two_ways_of_life_(HR,_sepia)Oscar Gustava Rejlander, Two ways of life, 1857.

Self_Portrait_with_PoliceJohn Heartfield, Adolf, Self-portrait with Police, 1929.

The Art Critic 1919-20 by Raoul Hausmann 1886-1971Raoul Hausmann, Le Critique d’art, 1918.

d86a1ed394651fb4df7052ad9f1edda4Alexander Rodtchenko, Montages, 1923.

tumblr_kwejy42ONU1qztk1wo1_500László Moholy-Nagy, The Olly and Dolly Sisters, 1925.

Die Braut (The Bride)Hannah Höch, The Bride, 1933.

paul eluardPaul Eluard, L’Hystérie, circa 1928.

10.-ManRay-Observatory-Time-The-Lovers-1936Man Ray, Observatory Time –The Lovers, 1936.

wandawulz_loandgattoiandcat_32aWanda Wulz, Moi+ chat, 1932

2006BK4247Herbert Bayer, The Lonely Metropolitan, 1932.

dada_cologne_03Max Ernst, Le PunchingBall ou l’Immortalité de Buonarroti, 1920.

12-_room-with-eye_maurice-tMaurice Tabard, Room with Eye, 1930.

15-_sealed-power-piston-rings_john-paul-pennebaker-webJohn Paul Pennebaker, Sealed Power Piston Rings, 1933.

14.-gretestern_photomontage-blackwhite-collageGrete Stern, Photomontage, 1949.

13.-grete-stern22Grete Stern, Dream No.1, 1948.

097Clarence John Laughlin, The Masks grow to us, 1947.

surrealismo japonesToshiko Okanoue, The Miracle of the silence, 1952.

308h9a8Val Telberg, Untitled, 1948-50.

45_molinier_poupee-14Pierre Molinier, Poupée, 1960-70.

blumenfeld 1952Erwin Blumenfeld.

Barbara KRUGER, Untitled (your body is a battleground), 1989Barbara Kruger, Your body is a battleground.

9-Part-Self-Portrait-by-C-001Chuck Close, 9 Part Self Portrait, 1987.

4_simmons_walking-gun_1991-webLaurie Simmons, Walking Gun, 1991.

Interior II 1964 by Richard Hamilton 1922-2011Richard Hamilton, Interior II, 1964.

gilbertGeorgeGilbert & George, Fournier Street, 2012.

hockneydavid-the_desk_july_1st_1984-1984David Hockney, The Desk, 1984.

saudek6Jan Saudek, The Mountain, 1996.

saudek4Jan Saudek, Stormy Weather, 1985.

saudek5Jan Saudek, Hey Joe’s Place 30 years later, 1989.

mills2imageJoseph Mills.

c72ae9dfJohn Stezaker, Star II, 2008.

Mask XLVI 2007John Stezaker, Mask XLVI, circa 2008.

11_Dead_grJeff Wall, Dead Troops Talk, 1992.

jolepeterwitkin2Joel-Peter Witkin, The Raft of George W. Bush, 2006.

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