talbotHenry Fox Talbot, The Pencil of Nature, 1844

20jung.3-2400Carl Jung, Liber Novus (Red Book), 1914 – 1930

HOKUSAIHokusai (1760 – 1849)


_BBC2004_gpallaVictor Palla e Costa Martins, Lisboa, Cidade Triste e Alegre, 1959.

77801prrof-sheets-the-americansRobert Frank, The Americans, 1959.

gasoline_02edgasEd Ruscha, Twentysix Gasoline Stations, 1962.

royalroadtest1 copyEd Ruscha, Mason Williams & Patrick Blackwell, Royal Road Test, 1967.

103076b copyMichael Snow, Cover to Cover, 1975.

00003686ContactSheet-00ju copyContactSheet-001 copyAnnette Messager, Les Tortures Volontaires, 1972.

la-femme-etla-femme-et1 copyla-femme-et3 copyAnnette Messager, La Femme et…, 1975.

baldessari_throwing_0002John Baldessari, Throwing a ball once to get three melodies and fifteen chords, 1975.

sol lewitt brick copySol Lewitt, Brick Wall, 1977.

bbbbricksSol Lewitt, Five cubes placed on twenty-five squares, 1978.
SGbooksituaties300gudmundsson-situaties_pc3a1gina_09Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Situaties (Situations), 1980.

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