pensar_o_livro_DB1Daniel Blaufuks, Ein tag in mostar, 1995.

108044SC0SC1Sophie Calle, Double Game, 1999.

RRRosangela Rennó, Apagamentos, 2005.

pensar_o_livro_DB2Daniel Blaufuks, Sob Céus Estranhos, 2007.

arquivo-de-tempos_EN_2000Nádia Rodrigues Ribeiro, Arquivo de Tempos, 2010.

SC_ABSophie Calle, The Address Book, 2012.

pic1Isabel Baraona, Amanhã, depois de amanhã, 2012.

pensar_o_livro_VV1Valter Ventura, Sobre a Natureza do Todo, 2013.

10175015_697755326933162_4078370151097916675_nwmbWayne Martin Belger (The boy of blue), Portfolio Case, 2013.



Darboven, Hanne© Hanne Darboven (1941-2009).

Hanne_Darboven_Kommentierte© Hanne Darboven (1941-2009).

Darboven-detail-12-800x534© Hanne Darboven (1941-2009).

4gttt© Alison Knowles, Bean Rolls, 1964.

4 copy© Shigeko Kubota, Flux napkins, 1965.

Michael Kirby_Pont Neuf The Localization of a Tetrahedron in Space1970© Michael Kirby, Pont Neuf – The Localization of a Tetrahedron in Space, 1970.
Joseph Kosuth notebooks on water 1970© Joseph Kosuth, Notebooks on Water, 1970.

Long_Driftwood_1976© Richard Long, Long Driftwood, 1975-76.

spec03 copy© Joan Lyons, Perspectives, 1977.

women and cars2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA© Susan E. King, Women and cars, 1983.

getLarge© Kevin Osborn, Vector Rev, 1983.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrbuljak_Exercice_1989_1© Goran Trbuljak, Exercice d’un artiste, 1989.

Specific Objectsl© Jessica Diamond, Sol LeWitt, and Lawrence Weiner, Do-it-yourself, 1993.

Heidi_Kirkpatrick_34© Heidi Kirkpatrick, Mother, 2001.

na© Zoe Beloff, Skin, THE INFLUENCING MACHINE OF MISS NATALIJA A., 2001. Click on image for the Interactive Video Installation.

shelley jackson skin© Shelley Jackson, Skin, 2003.

Artwork Images via Dropbox© Jacqueline Rush Lee, Lorem Ipsum III, 2010-2012.

wilderness_2010_72© Cara Barer, Wilderness, 2010.

stargazer_2010_72© Cara Barer, Stargazer, 2010.

doug2doug1© Doug Beube, Bookwork.

Tauba Auerbach_filling system_2012© Tauba Auerbach, Filling System, 2012.

Sandra_Brownlee1© Sandra Brownlee, Tactile Books.

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