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Lensmen‘s post about documentary photographer Mitch Epstein.

Topanga Canyon, California  1974 - Mitch Epstein© Mitch Epstein, Topanga Canyon, California 1974 (Recreation America).

Playing Cards in a Chicken Market, Hanoi, Vietnam 1993 - Mitch Epstein© Mitch EpsteinPlaying Cards in a Chicken Market, Hanoi, Vietnam 1993 (Vietnam: A Book of Changes).


doc! photo magazine

doc! photo magazine and contra doc! are online publications devoted to documentary and fine art photography, respectively.



As I understand it, a site about creative work by the so-called mentally ill, with a GREAT post on David Nebreda showcasing several photographs from his books.

tumblr_n1gsw4FOJg1t0azkso6_500© David Nebreda.


Translation of article by Valerio Guizzardi, ‘C’è ancora molto da fare e il tempo stringe’, published on Commonware (30 April 2015).






CAT PEOPLE IS A bilingual (English/Japanese) magazine – featuring 146 Pages of interviews & work by cat-obsessed artists, designers, photographers & writers.

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