Richard Gosnold

Statement about the project: ‘Voices’ conveys a tale of traumatic events, questioning how the perception of reality, for a mentally ill person, is influenced by past experiences. Based on the theory that we invent reality to suit our emotional state, I have considered how photographs may be viewed, re-contextualized and reconstructed, to fit within a personal narrative. Photographs made during my youth act as a metaphor for the fragility of memories from adolescence, which continue to influence how we perceive reality in adulthood. Found images signify how events, witnessed outside our immediate sphere, find their way into our memories, as if they actually happened to us. These images, contrasted with photographs made recently, suggest that earlier life experiences influence our understanding of the world.

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© Richard Gosnold, selected works from the project Voices. More can be seen here.


Benedetta Casagrande

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© Benedetta Casagrande, selected works from the project Wet Dream. More can be seen here.


Samuel Kaye

Statement about the project: ‘Symbiosis’ is an exploration of the relationship between bacteria and the human body. Though invisible to the naked eye these microorganisms make up about 90% of the cells in our body. Bacteria carries out many vital takes without which we would find it much harder to function, from digesting food to protecting our skin. Every image is the result of allowing each subjects own bacteria to grow on, and chemically interact with, their portrait.

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© Samuel Kaye, selected works from the project Symbiosis. More can be seen here.


Matt Glover

Statement: This body of work explores the space between maturity and immaturity. It is an ongoing documentation of the current situation of a group of teenagers/young adults living in the UK today.

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© Matt Glover, selected works from the project.


Singto Gauvain

Statement: The Thai phrase for ‘I don’t understand’, is ไม่เข้าใจ (pronounced: mai kao jai). When fragmented into individual words, the phrase literally translates to ‘doesn’t go into heart.’ ‘Doesn’t Go Into Heart’ is a book of photographs compiled from an ever expanding archive by Singto Gauvain. The images range from everyday snapshots to meticulously staged homages. The arrangement of the photographs uses signs and symbols ambiguously. The consequence of Gauvain’s frustration in attempting to accurately communicate concepts has resulted in this body of work. This body of work bases itself on two conditions of contemporary photographic practice (As discussed by Charlotte Cotton and Bjarne Bare in Objectiv #10, ‘Post-Photography’): the culture of dissemination and the failure of information in the field..

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© Singto Gauvain, selected works from the project mai kao jai. More can be seen here.


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