I cannot trace this back to its origins, but I remember reading an interview by someone who started a magazine about artistic content saying you had to be crazy to do so. I now realize you really have to. About a year ago, I joined Hélice to found Propeller and during this year we launched two very different editions (see videos below). It’s been a mad mad journey and what I’m realizing now (and this is a personal statement) is that the hardest, but also most rewarding, thing to do is to follow the dynamics each theme acquires. The theme seems to be the core of each edition in a way that transcends my expectations. In that sense, it’s been very interesting to see what mancha and the pornographic have turned out to be; what sort of objects they are – their colors, textures, shapes, smells, etc.

The bridges established with the authors who have joined both these editions have surpassed our expectations. From those who were invited, to those who joined us during the open call for #1, it’s been a pleasure to see how affectionate the entire process has been. I guess we all want the same thing in the end – to create something that aspires to have a transformative power – and that makes it very easy to establish happy dialogues.

This is affective labor: from start to finish each edition is thought of by people who are committed to producing something with a soul, with an authentic existence. In that sense, both magazines fall short in several aspects – they are not only our circumstances, but our fluxus (our weights, our lightness). At Propeller, we’re all passionate about photography and a bit stubborn when it comes to the quality of the finish product. This means we had to compromise: we opted for quality, but that means that the finish product is not as accessible as we’d like it to be. As we think about what comes next, with editions #2 and #3 to follow, we start to wonder if we can make it simpler, but the thing is that this magazine only makes sense if we let the object gain the necessary autonomy to reflect the theme and that makes simplifying almost impossible.

For now, here’s a preview of Propeller‘s edition #0 and #1. Hopefully, in 2018, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to Nihilsentimentalgia. All the best to those who still visit and take the time to read.

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