© Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto, As can be seen in the figure (Counter-mold of Crocodile Type Skull), 2015; 54 x 73 cm.

For our second edition, we chose to address the idea of fiction:

(fictĭō, fictiōnis)

Modeling, shaping, creation;

Act or effect of faking, imaginary thing, fantasy;

Fable, invention;

Dissimulation, pretense, artifice;

Falsehood, conjecture, hypothesis.


Send your proposals to propeller@propeller.pt

(both of author and project)

minimum 7 images
(with 1500px largest side)


Note: we would like to stress out that a very limited number of authors will be selected to be publish in the magazine.
However, all contributions are very much appreciated and our final decisions will always reflect the quality of the artwork submitted.
Thank you for visiting.

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