Ever since I left Glasgow, I”ve tried to keep up, at a distance, with what artists are doing there and by this time of the year, with the Degree Show happening at GSA, there’s always something worth seeing.

The last degree show I saw in Glasgow I remember being very impressed with a particular work which, not surprisingly (for me, given my interest in other media), was not from the fine art photography department.

This year, while going through the GSA album of the degree show, once again I’m most impressed and surprised by artworks from the department of sculpture an environmental art bu for now, what I’d like to share here is works from recent fine art photography graduates:


Jonas Jessen HansenLiquid Landscape


* * *


Flannery O’Kafka – Thin Blood / Thick Water


* * *


Ruudu Ulas – Red on Pink and Other Conflicts + Unspectacular Moments



* * *


Natalia Poniatowska – Twelve Dying Palm Trees + What if we can see more


Note: In June a decade will have passed since I first started Nihilsentimentalgia, so for the next few months I will be revisiting some of my early posts, which were poorly done.

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