image caption (above): © Margarida Gouveia, Beautiful People #1, poster for Propeller #3 – Propaganda, 2019.

More of Margarida’s recent work can be seen here.

© Margarida Gouveia, mirror game_x, y, z and another one for luck. Inkjet print on cotton paper, 45×67,5 cm, 2016.

These black-and-white photographs constitute an imaginary that calls to mind scientific and forensic photography. They are imbued with a sense of strangeness and of a hygienic and strictly functional world in which the cold and constraining presence of technology can be felt. Everything that we see in the photographs doubtless corresponds to something distinct in virtual space. In this process of dematerialising bodies and objects, the nature and identity of these same bodies and objects are reformulated.
excerpt of text by Sergio Mah. More here.


© Margarida Gouveia, Map and Territory, 2012. Artist’s hand-made book. Special edition (10 copies individually signed and numbered). Inkjet print, cyclus recycled paper, 28 pages, H 59 x W 40 cm.

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