Caption (image above): Glasgow boots (by Sofia Silva).

I’m trying to stop walking in my shoes, but finding myself unable to fulfill that wish.

I’m not one to get attached to material stuff – don’t remember it ever being any different -, but there’s an exception: shoes. I never have more than 3 or 4 pairs of shoes and sometimes less. Just enough to adapt to weather conditions and, very important, to walk comfortably. I wear them down. I finally gave up on the boots I bought in 2009 before going to Glasgow. They payed two visits to the shoemaker in the past couple of years and I finally quit on them. Still, can’t put them in the trash. I remember something similar happening during my teenage years with my insistence to wear Dr.Martens the entire year. My mother once put a pair in the trash and I didn’t like that. Am sure most know the feeling. Some years latter an extraordinary thing happened while I was already wearing my second pair of very worn docs. While I was waiting for a photography class, a woman passed by, looked at my feet and asked me what my number was. She went on to explain that she’d just bought a pair of docs for her daughter who then broke one foot and was unable to wear them. She asked me if I wanted them. I said yes, accompanied her to her house, met the daughter and left with a new pair of boots. Back then I thought that event was surreal. Still do. Those were my last pair of docs.

More or less three years ago I went with my then partner looking for shoes. I hate shopping, it messes with some of my convictions and I always struggle. It has to be an extremely rapid event and it was. He convinced me to try some Caterpillar boots and I did. They felt good but I was still suspicious. I bought them and since then it has been very difficult to let them go. They’ve payed their visits to the doctor and I keep trying to resuscitate them, even knowing it has to stop. My plan is to buy another pair and then put this one to sleep, but am unsure if I’ll be able to go shopping before I walk on puddles.

Assafora boots (by Sofia Silva).

I started thinking about this relationship I have with shoes and walking and it puzzled me for some of the reasons highlighted above, but mainly because I almost never get attached to things. Daily I walk rough paths while going for always with my dogs in cliffs, beaches and mountains, so my shoes need to be resistance and heavy enough so that I don’t feel the rocks beneath my feet. They also need to be water resistant. While thinking about this, I remembered that, in another life, I used to walk the streets barefoot and I loved it. Feet grow this tick skin that protects them and that connection with the temperature and texture makes me feel grounded. My conclusions, at this point, are:

1. this is the most irrelevant post I’ve made in this blog since it began, in 2008.
2. this is the most irrelevant post I’ve made in this blog since it began, in 2008.
3. this is the most irrelevant post I’ve made in this blog since it began, in 2008.

Transition boots (by Sofia Silva).

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