║ Jörg Brüggemann ║

© Jörg Brüggemann, Untitled, from the series G8 Heiligendamm, Germany, July 2007 © Jörg Brüggemann, Untitled, from the series G8 Heiligendamm, Germany, July 2007 “From the 6th until the 8th of June 2007 the annual G8 summit was held in Heiligendamm, Germany. During these three days the most powerful leaders of the world met to discuss and decide the future of humanity. Outside the fence, that was built for an estimated 13 million euros, the globalization critical movement gathered 16.000 people to protest against the decision made inside the fence. Both sides used detailled designed stagings to get the attention … Continue reading ║ Jörg Brüggemann ║

║ Andreas Weinand ║

© Andreas Weinand, Julia und André, from the series Finding Oneself, 1990 © Andreas Weinand, Gero und Olli, from the series Finding Oneself, 1989 © Andreas Weinand, Anna und Gero, from the series Finding Oneself, 1990 “While reflecting on my own youth, the cycle Finding Oneself developed from 1988 – 1990 in Essen. The philosophy of life held by the people I photographed during this time reminded me in a way of my own philosophy as a young person in the ’70s, that of not seeing in society a chance for one`s future. The protest of not conforming to society`s … Continue reading ║ Andreas Weinand ║

║ Anoush Abrar ║

© Anoush Abrar, Catherine, from the series Californication, 2003 © Anoush Abrar, Marianna, from the series Californication, 2003 “The film studios, the celebrities, the entertainment capital of the United States- the state of California revolves around the film industry and its success. Projecting an image of fame and fortune, beauty and happiness, Hollywood draws people like a magnet. I started this photo project in Los Angeles because I wanted to get as close as possible to the young people who flocked to this city seeking fame and fortune. The main idea was to focus on women ? the hopeful starlets … Continue reading ║ Anoush Abrar ║

║ Sibylle Fendt ║

© Sibylle Fendt, from the series Uneins © Sibylle Fendt, from the series Uneins “For her photo series „Uneins” [At Odds, 2001], the photographer Sibylle Fendt created portraits of five people whose things have become too much for them, who can no longer organize their environments – people known as pathological hoarders. Their chronic untidiness can extend even to the total neglect of their personal hygiene; they compulsively collect valueless, used and worn out objects and can no longer distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant. From a psychological perspective, this external chaos is a symptom of their … Continue reading ║ Sibylle Fendt ║

║ Bettina Flitner ║

© Bettine Flitner, Boatpeople Nr. 13, from the series Boatpeople, 2007 © Bettine Flitner, Boatpeople Nr. 23, from the series Boatpeople, 2007 “Bettina Flitner bought a fisherboat in Burma, at the Inle Lake situated on a high plateau in the Shan mountains, near the Chinese border. She took this primeval barque to Germany and photographed different people in the boat on the River Rhine. They are voyagers, fugitives, drifters. They are alone, in pairs, or in a group. These realistic and mystic scenes alternate in this sometimes ironical, sometimes melancholical procession.” source: Lodz Photo Festival To see more of  Bettina”s … Continue reading ║ Bettina Flitner ║

║ Ulrich Gebert ║

© Ulrich Gebert, Sie und Wir, 2006 © Ulrich Gebert, Sie und Wir, 2006 © Ulrich Gebert, Sie und Wir, 2006 “A Country Prepared for the War Games – the houses are made of wall-paper with painted doors and windows, the roofs are cut out of packing paper, and the houses are filled with wooden toy bricks to make them solid. The castle and the church are made from brown cardboard. There is a river chalked across the centre of the battlefield, which widens to flow past the great rocks in the centre. (…)My game is just as good as … Continue reading ║ Ulrich Gebert ║

║ Astrid Korntheue ║

© Astrid Korntheue, Horizont 12, from the series Horizonte, 2007 © Astrid Korntheue, Glör 35, from the series Glör, 2003/2004 © Astrid Korntheue, Ushuaia 3, from the series Patagonien, 2004/2005 “Trapped beyond time and the change of the seasons, the earth covered in leaves, glazed frost shimmering on scrawny twigs, here and there a new leaf in a timid shade of green appears while reflections on the auburn leaves of the trees glinting out of the background like fen fires of a long since forgotten tale. They lure the viewer into their midst, feigning a different world beyond the veils … Continue reading ║ Astrid Korntheue ║

║ Jessica Backhaus ║

© Jessica Backhaus, Pink Beata, from the series Jesus and the Cherries, 2004 © Jessica Backhaus, Violetta by the lake, from the series Jesus and the Cherries, 2003 “For many years now I have played with combining portraits and still lifes. It is a process where I play around with different images and see how they can work together… and create their own world, even though they are individual images. Again it is more the approach of a hunter, following your instinct and feeling. There is not always an explanation. I admit that I really like this part of my … Continue reading ║ Jessica Backhaus ║

║ Andrea Diefenbach ║

© Andrea Diefenbach, Untitled, from the series [Spid] AIDS in Odessa, 2006 © Andrea Diefenbach, Untitled, from the series [Spid] AIDS in Odessa, 2006 “Odessa is known as ›pearl at the black sea‹. It is the port in the south of the Ukraine – one of the countries, which has been hit heavily by the fall of the Soviet Union. One of many symptoms of the collapse is the AIDS epidemic. Since a short time the Ukraine holds the sad European record for new cases of infection, and is among those nations in which AIDS is currently spreading most quickly. … Continue reading ║ Andrea Diefenbach ║

║ Scarlett Hooft Graafland ║

© Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Untitled, from the series The Day after Valentine, China, 2006 © Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Untitled, from the series The Day after Valentine, China, 2006 “A Chinese legend tells us the story of seven girls travelling up and forth from heaven to earth on Valentines Day on the head of an ox, until one of them decides to stay and live with her farmer lover. The ancient tradition and the role of nature in Chinese culture does not seem to overlap much with the rapidly growing economic nation of today, where skyscrapers seem to come out of … Continue reading ║ Scarlett Hooft Graafland ║

║ Esther Teichmann ║

© Esther Teichmann, Diptych, from the series Viscosity, 2005 © Esther Teichmann, Untitled, from the series Inward Bound, 2006 © Esther Teichmann, Untitled, from the series Inward Bound, 2006 “In her large-scale photographic works and video pieces Esther Teichmann examines the relationship of the self to the maternal body and to the body of the lover. Desire and fear of loss are subtly and yet powerfully evoked in these explorations of the visceral and expressive properties of the human physique and skin. (…)Teichmann’s work is autobiographical in that she chooses for her subjects the members of her immediate family. In … Continue reading ║ Esther Teichmann ║

║ Marrigje De Maar ║

© Marrigje De Maar, Tollonjoki, Wanja, Russia, from the series Home Made © Marrigje De Maar, Venray, refter, from the series Time Out © Marrigje De Maar, China-Zhaoxing, old farmer, from the series Rambles (people) Time Out consist of pictures of rejected spaces. The structure of these buildings may still be sound, but the inside is considered “economically worn out”. These interiors seem no longer fit to house any succesful enterprise. For these buildings an anxious time of waiting has began. Hopefully somebody sees a new life for them and is willing to invest in their restauration. But time is … Continue reading ║ Marrigje De Maar ║

║ Andres Marroquin ║

© Andres Marroquin, Untitled, from the series Conditions © Andres Marroquin, Untitled, from the series Conditions “After several attempts I finally found a small room on the first floor of an ex-squat located in Samariterstrasse. (…)Within this series I wanted to raise questions about social norms and cultural behaviour. My intention was to frame an abstraction and accumulation of memories and toughts gathered during that period.(…)” To see more of Andres’ work click here Continue reading ║ Andres Marroquin ║

║ Astrid Busch ║

© Astrid Busch, Untitled, 2007 © Astrid Busch, Untitled, 2005 “Every sentence refers to another sentence, every image to one that precedes or follows it. It would not be entirely mistaken to presume that there is always a story behind them, but it would remove from view that which is visible, that which is particular to the surface of these photographs; that which appertains to them, beyond questions of cause and effect, as expressions of an distinctive event. Singular joy, singular shock, a sensation, almost momentary, of fatigue or irritation. As though violently broken out of the continuum of time … Continue reading ║ Astrid Busch ║