║ Javier Marquerie Thomas ║

© Javier Marquerie Thomas, Beltrán, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007 © Javier Marquerie Thomas, Vivian, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007 “Flight of Fancy; to daydream. Between the impetus of infancy and the inertia of maturity. “The best years of our lives”. Years envied, idealized, over rated. An extensive cloud of anecdotes. An accumulation of memories without a clear continuity. In retrospect, a “phase”. During puberty, we are conditioned to successfully confront the “real world”, but instead we live in a disoriented fantasy; hybrid between something that really has been and a tale. My mother tongue, apart … Continue reading ║ Javier Marquerie Thomas ║

║ Wilma Hurskainen ║

© Wilma Hurskainen, Untitled, from the series No Name, 2007 – © Wilma Hurskainen, Untitled, from the series No Name, 2007 – © Wilma Hurskainen, Untitled, from the series No Name, 2007 – “In my new series No Name I go further with the themes of childhood and memory. This time childhood and adulthood, like layers, are present in the same photograph. I re-create my memories, some of which are false or invented, and continue the visual representation of these memories by loosely attaching texts to the pictures. By doing this I try to find out and question the means … Continue reading ║ Wilma Hurskainen ║

║ Clark & Pougnaud ║

© Clark & Pougnaud, Virginie, from the series Tribute to Edward Hopper, 2000 “We were fascinated by the composition, the lighting and the settings of Edward Hopper’s paintings. We were not aiming to reproduce his paintings by rather to let ourselves be inspired by them. We approached this reverently to avoid disturbing the apparent order. We chose actors to pose for these photographs because they know how to bring life to immobility and also because our sets resemble stage sets.” Clark & Pougnaud © Clark & Pougnaud, Storyville, from the series Intimacy, 2003 “It may seem paradoxical to try to … Continue reading ║ Clark & Pougnaud ║

║ Sofia Silva ║

© Sofia Silva, Fiber Organic Memory, from the series Memory’s Architecture, 2009 (work in progress) © Sofia Silva, Losing Inner Heat, from the series Memory’s Architecture, 2009 (work in progress) “Although alcohol isn’t a medicine, it can provoke the sensation of regeneration and strength, distorting an impetus of momentary courage. At the same time we feel it kills our thirst and feed us, what it really does is to bring the blood to the surface of the skin, in fact impairing the functioning of all the organs able to emit the sensation of strength, heat, hunger or thirst. “Memory’s Architecture” … Continue reading ║ Sofia Silva ║

║ Paula Muhr ║

© Paula Muhr, Untitled #8, from the series MM, 2005 © Paula Muhr, Untitled #11, from the series MM, 2005 “The series explores issues relating to childhood memories, intimacy, and anxiety about the imminent future loss. Stark, often almost abstract images of my grandmother’s body, naked or in underwear, are combined with texts in which I express my memories of the childhood spent with her, re-tell anecdotes from her youth or describe her current habits. The interaction between the images of her aged body, presented in fragments, and the words which offer a very personal and, therefore, partial insight into … Continue reading ║ Paula Muhr ║

║ Kumi Oguro ║

© Kumi Oguro, Sky, from the series Noise I, 2007 © Kumi Oguro, Noise, from the series Noise II, 2005 © Kumi Oguro, Far, from the series Noise III, 2004 “Perhaps unwittingly or even in spite of itself, Kumi Oguro’s photographic work has from the outset been drawn towards cinema. This influence has led the photographer to explore the theoretical, historic, visual and manifestly numerous relationships between her own photography and the language of cinema. This permeation could not be described as a debt in the strict sense, nor is it nurtured by explicit or obliging citations or references. Instead … Continue reading ║ Kumi Oguro ║

║ Esther Teichmann ║

© Esther Teichmann, Diptych, from the series Viscosity, 2005 © Esther Teichmann, Untitled, from the series Inward Bound, 2006 © Esther Teichmann, Untitled, from the series Inward Bound, 2006 “In her large-scale photographic works and video pieces Esther Teichmann examines the relationship of the self to the maternal body and to the body of the lover. Desire and fear of loss are subtly and yet powerfully evoked in these explorations of the visceral and expressive properties of the human physique and skin. (…)Teichmann’s work is autobiographical in that she chooses for her subjects the members of her immediate family. In … Continue reading ║ Esther Teichmann ║

║ Jana C. Perez ║

© Jana C. Perez, Getting Ready, from the series Her Stories © Jana C. Perez, Crossroads, from the series Her Stories “This series of photographs and video containes one central female character, the anti-heroine, who appeares in every “scene”. The viewer watches as she journeys through self-destruction, sexuality, identity, and relationships along with the characters in each image…”Jana C. Perez To see more of Jana’s work click here Continue reading ║ Jana C. Perez ║

║ Joy Christiansen ║

© Joy Christiansen, Sunday School, from the series Remembered, 2006 © Joy Christiansen, The Unexpected Departure, from the series Remembered, 2008 “The inspiration for this series came from the interviews I conducted during another project, titled Family Gathering. While collecting information for Family Gathering, I interviewed adults who recalled their experiences with eating disorders. In several cases, I interviewed families who had descriptions of specific events dramatically different from each other. This began my personal process of revisiting my own childhood memories and recalling what I remembered as truths and what could have been ‘learned’ through family photographs. This investigation … Continue reading ║ Joy Christiansen ║

║ E-J Major ║

© E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is… © E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is… © E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is… “Love is… Three years ago, London-based artist E-J Major began asking strangers to divulge their thoughts on this most profound, yet indefinable subject. The answers, sent anonymously on postcards, reveal richly individual reflections on a universal emotion, both joyful and bitter, some weighty, others flippant. But what is love exactly, other than a much-abused word? The inadequacy of language is central to much of Major’s work, which often takes snippets of source materials—books, … Continue reading ║ E-J Major ║

║ KayLynn Deveney ║

© KayLynn Deveney, Untitled, from the series Edith and Len, 2000 © KayLynn Deveney, Cat on Bed, from the series Edith and Len, 2000 “I began photographing Edith and Leonard Crawshaw shortly after they moved from their flat into a Welsh nursing home. Following a broken hip and an extended hospital stay, Len required more care than than he had previously. That combined with problems such as negotiating stairs, the occasional burned saucepan and Edith’s failing eyesight, finally led to the move. Len went from the hospital straight to the nursing home, and Edith went with him. At ages 93 … Continue reading ║ KayLynn Deveney ║

║ Jocelyn Lee ║

© Jocelyn Lee, Untitled (Kara standing), 2005, from the series Portraits © Jocelyn Lee, Untitled (Michelle and Lisa), 2006, from the series Portraits “I photograph portraits because I am curious about people, and our tenacious attempts to find meaning and direction in the world. I am particularly interested in how we reveal our vulnerability, which is not something our culture reinforces or encourages.My portraits are about the things people consider when they are alone or in between moments of inactivity and reflection: aging, illness, sex, the body, states of transition, our desire for connection, and the search for personal identity.”Jocelyn … Continue reading ║ Jocelyn Lee ║

║ Jaret Belliveau ║

© Jaret Belliveau, Untitled, from the series Familial Endurance © Jaret Belliveau, Chicken Soup and Crackers, from the series Familial Endurance © Jaret Belliveau, Place of Rest, from the series Expect Delays “This body of work began as an attempt to clarify and understand the internal workings of family. I began by photographing my family in the places in which they spend time. Ten months into this exploration, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Familial Endurance describes the personal challenges that each family member address’s throughout this situation.”Jaret Belliveau More of Jaret’s work can be seen here and there’s a … Continue reading ║ Jaret Belliveau ║

║ Jessica Dimmock ║

© Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor “Teetering between photojournalism and personal document (or Eugene Richards and Larry Clark), Dimmock’s color photographs of young drug addicts slowly self-destructing are harrowing and terrific. The thirty-eight small pictures here sketch out two separate but similar narratives, both of which began in a large Manhattan apartment that had been turned into a crash pad and shooting gallery. Dimmock spent three years with the squatters … Continue reading ║ Jessica Dimmock ║

║ Tracey Baran ║

© Tracey Baran, Run, 2006 © Tracey Baran, Suck and Blow, 2002 “For the last ten years Tracey Baran has focused her camera on herself and her close circle of family and friends who live in Bath, a small town in upstate New York. The result is a visual journal of intimate portraits and self-portraits, which blur the line between truth and fiction, snapshot aesthetic and staged compositions. Whether photographing her thirtieth birthday, a hole in her pantyhose or deer hunters from her hometown, Baran’s photographs, instead of being a detached social documentary or the cool treatment of an outsider, … Continue reading ║ Tracey Baran ║

║ Nick and Sheila Pye ║

© Nick and Sheila Pye, Heavy Bodies, 2005 © Nick and Sheila Pye, Standing Lovers, 2004 “Nick and Sheila Pye’s marriage is hell—if their art is anything to go by, that is. The Toronto-based couple’s photographs and films, in which they are the sole performers, portray a series of elemental, absurdist tugs-of-war. Often confined to such claustrophobic spaces as bathroom stalls, the Pyes struggle persistently and wordlessly to unite—in order, perhaps, to make amends, have sex or simply tear each other limb from limb.” By David Balzer To view more of Nick and Sheila’s work click here. Continue reading ║ Nick and Sheila Pye ║

║ Maarit Hohteri ║

© Maarit Hohteri, Roosa and Jussi in the kitchen, Helsinki 1999 © Maarit Hohteri, Mikko, sleep markings, 2001 “I document moments in my life by photographing people who are close to me. By means of photography, I seek to store my own and my friends’ feelings and observations about life and about being a human being. As I look at the pictures, I remember the changing flats, relationships, feelings of insecurity and my own fickle moods. Photography is also an attempt to arrange a seemingly random life into a whole; a story with a past, present and future.”Maarit Hohteri More … Continue reading ║ Maarit Hohteri ║

║ Jari Silomäki ║

© Jari Silomäki, from the Series My Unopened Letters © Jari Silomäki, from the Series My Unopened Letters “In “My Unopened Letters”, Silomäki creates a kind of fictive reality: the tales of a fictive self and network concerning the self’s relationships with other people in the past, present and future. Over the years, he has received letters from different people, which he has left unopened. The letters thus contain countless attempts to contact him, messages from those who wrote them and conceptions of relations between the self of the narrative and the writers. They have all remained clouded in secrecy. … Continue reading ║ Jari Silomäki ║

║ Martine Fougeron ║

© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête III, c.2007 © Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête IV, c.2007 “This work explores adolescence as a subliminal state, between childhood and adulthood, and between the feminine and the masculine. The portraits, naturally staged, explore the intrinsic interior quest of the adolescent’s journey. I noticed that most photographers portray adolescents as outsiders with a despairing outlook on their world and the world around them. This was not the perception I had of my sons’ lives. I was fascinated by the inquisitive energy, the intense inner quests, the fabulous dreams and ideals, which they exulted. I thought that a calmer, … Continue reading ║ Martine Fougeron ║

║ David Hillard ║

© David Hillard, The Looker, 2005 © David Hillard, Kiss, 1994 “For years I have been actively documenting my life and the lives of those around me, recording events and attempting to create order in a sometimes chaotic world. While my photographs focus on the personal, the familiar and the simply ordinary, the work strikes a balance between autobiography and fiction. Within the photographs physical distance is often manipulated to represent emotional distance. The casual glances people share can take on a deeper significance, and what initially appears subjective and intimate is quite often a commentary on the larger contours … Continue reading ║ David Hillard ║

║ Henrik Duncker ║

© Henrik Duncker, Untitled #3, from the series Intiankatu 20, c.1990 © Henrik Duncker, Untitled #4, from the series Intiankatu 20, c.1990 “This series of mine is an early example of interactive, staged and acted documentary by students of the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. These are collaboration portraits of people in council flats – in address Intiankatu 20, Helsinki. For this series I tried to get the people involved in planning their picture as much as possible. The wooden houses on Intiankatu were donated by Sweden in the 1950’s and meant for temporary housing while waiting for … Continue reading ║ Henrik Duncker ║

║ Hiroyo Kaneko ║

© Hiroyo Kaneko, Untitled #7, from the series Sentimental Education, 2005 © Hiroyo Kaneko, Untitled #2, from the series Sentimental Education, 2005 “I have seen this artist’s work for years and to find this flower from a rich harvest is a surprise. Many say that all essences of an artist can be seen in the maiden work. In Hiroyo’s work, the various worlds comprised in the earlier work obstructed each other to the point of being unclear. Since the essence was hard to ascertain, it was a sign of weakness. However, this weakness has evolved into a genuine strength.My specialty … Continue reading ║ Hiroyo Kaneko ║

║ Elina Brotherus ║

© Elina Brotherus, Le Printemps, from the series The New Painting, 2001 © Elina Brotherus, Scène Domestique, from the series The New Painting, 2001 “Elina Brotherus begins from her own experience: herself, those close to her, and the landscapes she knows. For her, photography’s ‘decisive moment’ is not a split second alignment of people and light, but a passage of time lasting anything from a few minutes to a few weeks. Her self-portraits tend to be made in moments of vulnerability, such as in the aftermath or low-ebb of a love affair. Although carefully staged in domestic settings flooded with … Continue reading ║ Elina Brotherus ║

║ Duarte Amaral Netto ║

© Duarte Amaral Netto, Growing Into © Duarte Amaral Netto, Rumor “In the new photographic series of works by Duarte Amaral Netto, the end of time seems near, doom and gloom awaits. Demolished office furniture in ruined interiors, by the hands of vandals maybe, or lvacated bya company now bankrupt or having moved to better locations. These photographs by Netto create a sense of nostalgia the seventies when all was still flourishing in that space.Another series of works is about people and their relationships. In these images one gets the same emotional feeling as with the photos with the demolished … Continue reading ║ Duarte Amaral Netto ║

║ Daniel Shea (Chicago Project – part V) ║

© Daniel Shea, Hillary, from the series Removing Mountains, 2007 © Daniel Shea, Sunday, from the series Removing Mountains, 2007 “In the summer of 2007 I began shooting a body of work examining the coal industry in Appalachia. What started as an interest in the modern coal mining process known as mountaintop removal, quickly evolved into an extensive survey of the social/political institutions surrounding these practices, and perhaps most importantly, the cultural implications of extracting coal from Appalachian Mountains. What I found over the course of the trip was that these coal mining processes had quickly developed into one of … Continue reading ║ Daniel Shea (Chicago Project – part V) ║

║ Sarah Faus (Chicago Project – part IV) ║

© Sarah Faust, Pink Sleep © Sarah Faust, Chicago Bedroom, 2002 “The human body is a beautiful and fragile form. In photographing myself, and loved ones, in particular, my mother, I investigate it’s vulnerability, even it’s mortality. My images are moments of transition; memories of what may have been and artifacts of the ephemeral. In these psychological distillations, I attempt to reveal the complexities and the beauty of our human existence.”Sarah Faust To know more about Sarah Faust’s work click here Continue reading ║ Sarah Faus (Chicago Project – part IV) ║

║ Matthew Shain (Chicago Project – part III) ║

© Matthew Shain, Miscellaneous Debris, 2005 © Matthew Shain, Father/Son I, 2005 “Identity, relationships, distance, reflection, elegy, and humor are some of the themes in my work. I began thinking of these ideas while photographing my father for a project designed to portray our relationship, or rather, the implied distance on which it hinges. I realized that this space I was representing is a part of all relationships including our relationship with images. It is the distance of preservation and presentation. In other words, how the subject preserves him or herself in the artist’s presentation of the piece to a … Continue reading ║ Matthew Shain (Chicago Project – part III) ║