A brief statement

I see myself as an image-maker, working in a field that is closer to notions of therapy than to visual arts. My practice revolves around an obsession with questions of authenticity, autonomy and liberty.

Photographs therefore tend to portray or allude to intimate or familiar moments, as a way to challenge authoritarian preconceived ideas, particularly concerning the way western societies are organized, based on patriarchal structures. Psychoanalytic notions are implicit, in order to speak about heritage and the struggle to account for the self.

The images presented are a mixture of different techniques, being that I construct most of the objects depicted and go through processes of durational performances to achieve an understanding of the subject.

In the end, my projects tend to be about the processes, rather than about presentations or representations of ideas. They reveal my struggle with authenticity, both as an ontological concept and as a question than is particularly relevant to photography.

* * *