٠ Mark (he is) King (maybe) ٠

© Mark King, from the series Plastic, 2011-12 © Mark King, from the series Plastic, 2011-12 © Mark King, from the series Plastic, 2011-12 “Back in January I was preparing for a screen printing artist in residency at the Frans Masereel Centre in Kasterlee, Belgium and wanted to go there with a new portrait project already started. One night I ended up shooting a few packs of medium format polaroids and really liked what I got. I later scanned the selects and added color to them in photoshop. The color palette and stoic characters created a new version of the … Continue reading ٠ Mark (he is) King (maybe) ٠

┐ Laurence Skivée └

© Laurence Skivée, Koen Wastijn “puma”, 2009 © Laurence Skivée, Mona Hatoum “Witness” (detail), Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2010 © Laurence Skivée, éclats, 2010 “À supposer que la photographie puisse ou doive servir à quelque chose, ce devrait être à fixer l’ordinaire, le mouvement de l’ordinaire, à arrêter simplement pour un instant le flux de l’ordinaire. Non pas tant en garder le souvenir visuel qu’en prélever quelque image fugace, positive, triste, ambigüe, sincère ou spontanée. Quitte, à l’occasion, à photographier des photographies. L’art est inutile — c’est même à cela qu’on le reconnaît —, c’est ce qu’on en dit ; mais … Continue reading ┐ Laurence Skivée └

┐ Tjorven Bruyneel └

© Tjorven Bruyneel, Untitled, from the series I’ll be your mirror, 2010 © Tjorven Bruyneel, Untitled, from the series I’ll be your mirror, 2010 “Living in a Western society where virtually all taboos have fallen. Everything has been done, seen, admired, abhorred, nothing remains that can shock. But are we really that free? “I’ll be your mirror” became a social depiction of a taboo conflict that is considered as nonexistent in the artistic community. It reflects on how characters in my life experience their own bodies. Every person is linked to a cultural history, and his or her body is … Continue reading ┐ Tjorven Bruyneel └

┐ Sabrina Biancuzzi └

© Sabrina Biancuzzi, Untitled, from the series L’instant P, 1986 © Sabrina Biancuzzi, Untitled, from the series L’instant P “Specialised in film photography and old-style development processes, Sabrina Biancuzzi is both a photographer and engraver. A young woman passionate about what she does, she loves both working in the lab and the grain of film stock. Through her images she lets us glimpse our own distortions, those of dreams and the unconscious. Her personal voyages between dream and reality, today and yesterday, Paris and Brussels, show the world that our nights explore.” More of Sabrina’s work can be seen here Continue reading ┐ Sabrina Biancuzzi └

║ Debby Huysmans ║

© Debby Huysmans, Untitled, from the series Sibir, 2009 © Debby Huysmans, Untitled, from the series Sibir, 2009 “The collapse of the Soviet empire has resulted in a fascinating political and social situation. The projects Elementarz (2003), Last Stop before Europa (2005) and In a Valley (2007) are a research on the periphery of the Western European capitalist culture. With the recent work Sibir Debby Huysmans continues this photographic research. The two longest rivers of Russia, the Yenissey and the Lena, guide the photographer through the contemporary Siberian landscape. Huysmans concentrates on the individuals, living in these forgotten areas and … Continue reading ║ Debby Huysmans ║

║ Karin Borghouts ║

© Karin Borghouts, Untitled, from the series Saga, 2005 © Karin Borghouts, Untitled, from the series Saga, 2005 “Many stereotypes are creations of the mass media, tourist bureaux or some other someones. Among Karin Borghouts’ photographs is one of a viewing platform placed on top of a hill. Had Borghouts been carried away by her pre-existing images of Japan, she may have photographed the view from atop the viewing platform. After all, the view from there may have been recommended as a splendid one, or may present a distinctly Japanese prospect (or one purportedly exemplary of that area, as defined … Continue reading ║ Karin Borghouts ║

║ Xavier Delory ║

© Xavier Delory, Homo Festivus Scène 1, (Belgique), 2007 La semaine, l’homme moderne travaille dur, mais le week-end arrivé le short est de rigueur, le tout dans un décor qui flore bon le préfabriqué. Série “Homo Urbanus” et “Homo Festivus”, diptyque sur l’homme moderne. Les personnages de la série “Homo Urbanus” ont été photographiés aux abords de passages pour piéton de la Communauté Européenne, puis intégrés dans leur nouvel environnement. Les personnages de la série “Homo Festivus” quand à eux, ont été photographiés sur la Grand Place de Bruxelles. Le décor (construit comme une oeuvre minimaliste), gris et bitumé pour … Continue reading ║ Xavier Delory ║

║ Kumi Oguro ║

© Kumi Oguro, Sky, from the series Noise I, 2007 © Kumi Oguro, Noise, from the series Noise II, 2005 © Kumi Oguro, Far, from the series Noise III, 2004 “Perhaps unwittingly or even in spite of itself, Kumi Oguro’s photographic work has from the outset been drawn towards cinema. This influence has led the photographer to explore the theoretical, historic, visual and manifestly numerous relationships between her own photography and the language of cinema. This permeation could not be described as a debt in the strict sense, nor is it nurtured by explicit or obliging citations or references. Instead … Continue reading ║ Kumi Oguro ║