┐ we’re all in deep shit VI └

as published in the front cover of the Portuguese newspaper I. video of the happening here: “Celebrations to mark Portugal’s Republic Day took on an extra symbolic relevance when President Cavaco Silva unknowingly raised the country’s flag upside down. The internationally recognised signal of distress came on the last time October 5 will be deemed a public holiday having been abolished in an austerity measure.” Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit VI └

┐ Zoe Hatziyannaki └

© Zoe Hatziyannaki, The Parliament, from the series Secrets & Crises, 2010-20111 © Zoe Hatziyannaki, Police Headquarters, from the series Secrets & Crises, 2010-20111 “The photographs on the left side of the diptychs portray public/State buildings in Athens, Greece. The images on the right are enlarged window details taken from the buildings’ photographs. The juxtapositions of the two images seek to suggest the questionable role of the State and its institutions today in Greece. A role which is seriously disputed under the current crisis. Public buildings stand as symbols of this crisis: they attract the rage of the protesters, they … Continue reading ┐ Zoe Hatziyannaki └