٠ Turkey as The place for an historical turn ٠

Two things justify this (another) post about Turkey: first, the fact that today – June 22nd -, confrontations restarted in Istanbul and Ankara, with the police intervening with TOMA’s, tear gas, sound bombs and arresting people; secondly, a text about the Turkish Uprising, by Alain Badiou, posted by Cengiz Erdem @ Senselogic, which would be more than worthy of a single feature, if not for the accompanying events. All photos by George Georgiou, who lived in Turkey for four and a half years and witnessed the geographical, demographic, sociological and political changes taking place. All photos from the series “Young … Continue reading ٠ Turkey as The place for an historical turn ٠

┐ Dominic Nahr └

© Dominic Nahr, EGYPT. Cairo. January 29, 2011. A protestor, using the Egyptian flag as a face mask, takes a break inside a building during protests against the government of Hosni Mubarak which pushed towards Tahir Square. © Dominic Nahr, EGYPT. Cairo. January 30, 2011. Protestors cover an Army tank while they chant and sing after another day of protests in Tahir Square. © Dominic Nahr, EGYPT. Cairo. January 30, 2011. The National Democratic Party building along the Nile can still be seen engulfed in flames a day after it was set on fire during clashes with police at protests … Continue reading ┐ Dominic Nahr └

┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

“We have entered La ZAD (Zone A Défendre) – Europe’s largest postcapitalist protest camp – a kind of rural occupy on the eastern edge of Brittany, half and hour’s drive from the city of Nantes.  Like a rebel constellation spread across 4000 acres of forest, farmland and marshes, it takes the form of old squatted farms and fields, DIY strawbale houses, upcycled sheds, theatres and bars cobbled from industrial pallets, hobbit like round houses, cute cabins built with the worlds waste, huts perched frighteningly high in trees and a multitude of other disobedient architectural fantasies. La ZAD has been a … Continue reading ┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

┐ an unwelcome guest └

© REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis, A masked protester holds a metal bar during a violent demonstration in Syntagma square in central Athens OPEN LETTER TO ANGELA MERKEL Dear chancellor Merkel, We start by saying we address you only as chancellor of Germany. We did not vote for you and do not acknowledge the existence of a chancellor of Europe. We, the subscribers of this open letter, write to you as free citizens. Citizens of a country you wish to visit on the next 12th of November, as well as citizens in solidarity with all the countries attacked by austerity. Due to the … Continue reading ┐ an unwelcome guest └

┐ we’re all in deep shit X – no room for laughter └

If there was any doubt about the sort of actions these scumbags from the golden dawn are promoting here is the video The latest public opinion survey gives a lead to left-wing SYRIZA towards Nea Dimocratia, while Antonis Samaras is still considered as “best Prime Minister”. Neo-nazi Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) gets the third place in the respondents’ preference. Wake up before it’s too late “In Portugal they’re rioting over one measure when here we’ve been made to accept countless cuts and tax increases. And the worst thing about being ground down is that it breeds extremism,” said the silver-haired … Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit X – no room for laughter └

┐ don’t say a word, don’t tell a soul └

some of my photographs from monday’s concentration in front of the parliament to fight Portugal’s austerity plans. as can be seen, this film has been to hell and back, which actually seems to suit the scene. what follows is an excerpt of a text distributed amongst protesters on 15O. “If you’re photographing a demonstration, make sure not to take any images that might incriminate others. A photograph can fall into the hands of the police and help them chase someone. The police can easily have access to these photos by capturing people’s cameras. (…) In case you’re arrested, do not … Continue reading ┐ don’t say a word, don’t tell a soul └

┐ “a terra é de quem a trabalha, os fascistas comem palha” └

yesterday, in Portugal. some thoughts on what is changing amidst the sort of protests we create here (pt). Also, just for foreigners, a brief description of the events via BBC. I don’t feel like elaborating on what’s happened just now. I’ll come back once my film is processed to share some images. For now a glimpse through the eyes of another: © D.R. © Ângelo Lucas/Global Imagens © Patrícia de Melo Moreira/AFP Continue reading ┐ “a terra é de quem a trabalha, os fascistas comem palha” └

┐ The Aesthetics of Vandalism – the consequences of having no consequences └

the twenty mugshots of Black Bloc protesters arrested Saturday in San Francisco. The detained protesters are now facing charges of conspiracy, riot, refusing to obey a lawful order from a police officer and resisting, delaying and obstructing a police officer, and assault and battery on a police officer. The bail for each person is VERY high, from $36,000 to 51,000. more details here (…)Gentrification is all about private property and the primacy of property rights over human needs in a market society. Vandalism of the property of wealthy invaders is an organic automatic response to the threat of dispossession gentrification … Continue reading ┐ The Aesthetics of Vandalism – the consequences of having no consequences └

┐ we’re all in deep shit VIII └

still from Dogtooth In Greece, Police decided to ban all forms of gatherings and demonstrations happening tomorrow, October 9th, between 9am and 10pm in downtown Athens for the fat queen’s coming to town. It’s just as saying: I’m sorry, democracy is down for the moment, we’ll be back in a few hours… This is not going to go well with the Greeks. Beware, they bite! Live news of the Eurozone crises via The Guardian Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit VIII └

┐ Just the Wind └

“With the collapse of the Hungarian economy and government austerity measures, crimes—petty or otherwise—and every other social ill were blamed on the Roma and a lynch-mob atmosphere was whipped up against the community, which only constitutes about 5 percent of the Hungarian population. Homes were fire-bombed and Roma men, women and children shot and killed by extreme-right terror groups operating with the tacit support of the police and state authorities. Just the Wind is filmed in documentary style with hand-held camera, natural lighting, sparse dialogue and non-professional actors. It chronicles 24-hours in the life of one Roma family—Mari (Katalin Toldi), … Continue reading ┐ Just the Wind └