┐ Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer, a thing for scientif design └

mathe_modellnr5_© Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer, Mathematisches Modell Nr.5, 2010

zoe%26lena_9zoe%26lena_3zoe%26lena_5© Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer, Artefakte und Modelle, 2009-12

“Lena Amuat and Zoë Meyer have won the Swiss Federal Design Award for their project ‘Artefakte und Modelle’. As the title suggests, in this project the two photographers look at scientific models through the lens of art. These are models conceived as a way of arriving at new insights by varying the method of visualisation or by reshaping or using a different type of measurement. The artists are interested in the images of reality conveyed by the models and in the extent to which aesthetic processes are involved in the creation of knowledge.

The capture of reality through mimicry, reproduction, conservation and measurement, and the opposition between reality and fiction: these are the themes that interest Lena Amuat and Zoë Meyer in this project. The process of investigation and the play of perceptions are also at its centre. Viewers of these mostly large-format photographs find themselves confronted with a puzzle. What do the pictures represent? Do they show real objects, or abstract forms? Were they created by computer, or painted with a brush? Is the background really there, or was it added in afterwards?

The two photographers use various media to modify the pictures, trying to rethink the scientific angles from an artistic point of view. They see their work as a subjective pictorial archive that is constantly being expanded. It is always given a site-specific spatial arrangement and presentation concept.

An older work by Lena Amuat and Zoë Meyer is concerned with objects confiscated by Swiss customs. They use their precise pictorial vocabulary to reproduce illegal souvenirs in the form of stuffed animal heads, occult masks and fur coats. These photographs are also part of the two artists’ image archive and are presented alongside the artworks from ‘Artefakte und Modelle’ (in a presentation that varies depending on the exhibition location). The result: multifaceted installations whose quiet motifs absorb and touch the viewer.” source: Swiss Federal Design Awards

Their work can be seen here

┐ Rachel Bee Porter └

© Rachel Bee Porter, #2, from Subzero

© Rachel Bee Porter, #10 (Lemon Meringue Cake with Key lime Tartlets and Margaritas on the rocks), from he Joy of Cooking

© Rachel Bee Porter, #3 (Blackberry Pie), from Wallflowers

“Having grown up reading a multitude of home and lifestyle magazines, my work confronts the expectations that developed from buying into the alluring photographic fantasies of the pristine and perfect domestic life. I devoured every issue of Martha Stewart Living that I could find. Drawn in by the beautiful eye-catching photographs, I absorbed all of the tips, tricks and how-tos in those pages because I was convinced that I would need them someday.

Using the skills that I learned from years of reading these magazines, I bake elaborate cakes which I then throw into carefully constructed scenes and photograph the aftermath. By appropriating the lush, brightly colored imagery of magazines and perverting it, I explore the aftermath of unfulfilled expectations.

This disillusionment manifests itself in a playful, yet irreverent defiance. I subvert the delicately crafted trompe l’oeils found in commercial and editorial photography by corrupting domestic strategies. Through the intermingling of creation and destruction, I explore the reality beyond the glossy varnish and the destructive consequences of disappointment.

Using a cross-disciplinary approach that combines aspects of performance, sculpture, and painting, I create colorful domestic scenarios that serve as the stage for my actions. I photograph these scenes using a 4×5 camera. Afterwards, I scan the film and create large-scale digital c-prints. My work is an ironic commentary on the picture-perfect world created in the glossy pages of lifestyle magazines and the frustration that ensues from trying to attain it.”

more of Rachel’s work here

┐ Erwan Frotin └

© Erwan Frotin, Pain à Pieds Bleus, from the series Sketch, 2006

© Erwan Frotin, Perdreau Fantôme, from the series Sketch, 2006

More of Erwan’s weird “species” here work here