┐ Lara Jacinto └

© Lara Jacinto, Untitled © Lara Jacinto, Untitled As far as the public eye goes, this is our (Portuguese) new emerging photographer. Her images, on the realm of the documentary, have a lot of presence; they reveal intimacy and good awareness of the surroundings. Although not having a strong conductor, I’ll dare to say the thread amidst her work is the stylization of memories, absence, the loss of, the non appropriation of reality and non interference with its time. More of Lara’s work here Continue reading ┐ Lara Jacinto └

║ Robin Cracknell ║

© Robin Cracknell, from the Notebooks series © Robin Cracknell, from the Notebooks series «Loss is the heart of my work; specifically the transience of childhood and how memories of that short period shape the rest of our lives. When my son was born, I felt driven to document and preserve his life in photographs but gradually realised he was more a mirror than a subject and I was actually restaging episodes and conjuring feelings from my own childhood rather than immortalising him as I’d intended. And maybe all photography works with way. Perhaps we are sutured into every snapshot … Continue reading ║ Robin Cracknell ║

║ Susan Worsham ║

© Susan Worsham, Lynn watching Dr. Phill, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia © Susan Worsham, Hearse in my childhood driveway, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia © Susan Worsham, Untitled, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia “This series of photographs is taken in and around Virginia, the place in which I grew up. The title comes from a book written by my father’s ancestor, to show the lineage of the Fox family in Virginia. For my own purpose, it acts as a metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home. At … Continue reading ║ Susan Worsham ║

║ Peter Fraser ║

© Peter Fraser, Untitled, from the series 12 Day Journay, 1984 © Peter Fraser, Untitled, from the series 12 Day Journay, 1984 “I see photographs everywhere, like everyone else, nowadays; they come from the world to me, without my asking; they are only ‘images,’ their mode of appearance is heterogeneous…I realized that some provoked tiny jubilations, as if they referred to a stilled center, an erotic or lacerating value buried in myself (however harmless the subject matter may have appeared)…” So writes Roland Barthes, pointing out the way in which we have learned to see “photographically,” to frame, to snap, … Continue reading ║ Peter Fraser ║

║ Javier Marquerie Thomas ║

© Javier Marquerie Thomas, Beltrán, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007 © Javier Marquerie Thomas, Vivian, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007 “Flight of Fancy; to daydream. Between the impetus of infancy and the inertia of maturity. “The best years of our lives”. Years envied, idealized, over rated. An extensive cloud of anecdotes. An accumulation of memories without a clear continuity. In retrospect, a “phase”. During puberty, we are conditioned to successfully confront the “real world”, but instead we live in a disoriented fantasy; hybrid between something that really has been and a tale. My mother tongue, apart … Continue reading ║ Javier Marquerie Thomas ║

║ Andreas Weinand ║

© Andreas Weinand, Julia und André, from the series Finding Oneself, 1990 © Andreas Weinand, Gero und Olli, from the series Finding Oneself, 1989 © Andreas Weinand, Anna und Gero, from the series Finding Oneself, 1990 “While reflecting on my own youth, the cycle Finding Oneself developed from 1988 – 1990 in Essen. The philosophy of life held by the people I photographed during this time reminded me in a way of my own philosophy as a young person in the ’70s, that of not seeing in society a chance for one`s future. The protest of not conforming to society`s … Continue reading ║ Andreas Weinand ║

║ KayLynn Deveney ║

© KayLynn Deveney, Untitled, from the series Edith and Len, 2000 © KayLynn Deveney, Cat on Bed, from the series Edith and Len, 2000 “I began photographing Edith and Leonard Crawshaw shortly after they moved from their flat into a Welsh nursing home. Following a broken hip and an extended hospital stay, Len required more care than than he had previously. That combined with problems such as negotiating stairs, the occasional burned saucepan and Edith’s failing eyesight, finally led to the move. Len went from the hospital straight to the nursing home, and Edith went with him. At ages 93 … Continue reading ║ KayLynn Deveney ║

║ Jessica Dimmock ║

© Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor © Jessica Dimmock, from the series The Ninth Floor “Teetering between photojournalism and personal document (or Eugene Richards and Larry Clark), Dimmock’s color photographs of young drug addicts slowly self-destructing are harrowing and terrific. The thirty-eight small pictures here sketch out two separate but similar narratives, both of which began in a large Manhattan apartment that had been turned into a crash pad and shooting gallery. Dimmock spent three years with the squatters … Continue reading ║ Jessica Dimmock ║

║ Caitlin Atkinson ║

© Caitlin Atkinson, Chapter 22, August, 2004 © Caitlin Atkinson, Chapter 14, August, 2005 “A few nights ago, I locked myself out of my apartment for the third time this year. While I sat trying to decide what to do, I was overwhelmed with the thought that my life seems composed of one mistake after another; that I am living through a seemingly endless series of disappointments. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get it right. Whether it is an awkward public interaction, unreal crisis, or moment of social disconnection, ordinary life is full of abrupt … Continue reading ║ Caitlin Atkinson ║

║ Sunil Gupta ║

© Sunil Gupta, Pentamedine / Attitude, from the series From Here to Eternity, 1999 © Sunil Gupta, Chicago / Hoist, from the series From Here to Eternity, 1999 “I made this work partly in response to a period of illness brought on by the HIV. I thought that it might be time to thinks about how the virus affects my life…”Sunil Gupta To view more of Sunil’s work click here. Continue reading ║ Sunil Gupta ║

║ Lisa Lindvay ║

© Lisa Lindvay, Bottles under bed © Lisa Lindvay, Game Room “These photographs depict the lives of my father, sister and two brothers, as they take on the burden of my mother’s deteriorating mental state. This work represents an extended look at the physical and emotional currents within their home to question the sanctity of family life and domestic comfort.”Lisa Lindvay To vie more of Lisa’s work click here. Continue reading ║ Lisa Lindvay ║

║ Jessamyn Lovell ║

© Jessamyn Lovell, Family, 2003 from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions © Jessamyn Lovell, Klare Not Listening, 1999 from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions © Jessamyn Lovell, Mommy with phone, 1999from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions “There is something about my family that brings me back. I just don’t want them to forget about me out here.I keep photographing the same place, the same people again and again. Roll after roll goes through my camera and so many questions still go unanswered.I can’t imagine my life without this project, but I … Continue reading ║ Jessamyn Lovell ║

║ Jari Silomäki ║

© Jari Silomäki, from the Series My Unopened Letters © Jari Silomäki, from the Series My Unopened Letters “In “My Unopened Letters”, Silomäki creates a kind of fictive reality: the tales of a fictive self and network concerning the self’s relationships with other people in the past, present and future. Over the years, he has received letters from different people, which he has left unopened. The letters thus contain countless attempts to contact him, messages from those who wrote them and conceptions of relations between the self of the narrative and the writers. They have all remained clouded in secrecy. … Continue reading ║ Jari Silomäki ║

║ Martine Fougeron ║

© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête III, c.2007 © Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête IV, c.2007 “This work explores adolescence as a subliminal state, between childhood and adulthood, and between the feminine and the masculine. The portraits, naturally staged, explore the intrinsic interior quest of the adolescent’s journey. I noticed that most photographers portray adolescents as outsiders with a despairing outlook on their world and the world around them. This was not the perception I had of my sons’ lives. I was fascinated by the inquisitive energy, the intense inner quests, the fabulous dreams and ideals, which they exulted. I thought that a calmer, … Continue reading ║ Martine Fougeron ║

║ Amy Elkins ║

© Amy Elkins, Santa Monica Pier, First Visit, from the series Where I found you, 2007 “Where I Found You’ is a project that explores the notion of long distance relationships to one’s family and to what remains familiar. Having not lived in the same state as my family for over six years, this series confronts the fluctuations that exist in my absence. Everything and nothing is always the same.”Amy Elkins To know more about this project or Amy Elkins’ work click here Continue reading ║ Amy Elkins ║

║ Jennifer Loshaw – In My Skin ║

© Jennifer Loshaw “Throughout history, the desire for beauty has been used as a tool to help establish selfidentity. Through the drifting dreams of William Shakespeare to the concepts taught by the Dali Lama, we can see how society defines the self through a search for beauty. Since beauty cannot be positively defined, I find this to be a strange concept.We create physical beauty believing it will identify us. Yet, our spirit makes up our identity. We cannot decorate this spirit; we cannot illuminate it in any other way then through personality and activity.This exhibition is a response to the … Continue reading ║ Jennifer Loshaw – In My Skin ║