┐ Andrea Polli, memories as possessions in virtual space └

© Andrea Polli, Appetite 4, installation detail, Here Space, NY, 1995 © Andrea Polli, Appetite 4, detail from installation WWW site showing a studio photograph of objects on a plate, 1995 © Andrea Polli, Fetish, screen shot of detail of installation at the Ctrl show, Name Gallery, Chicago, 1996 “Research into the concept of appetite led me to consider my personal appetite for possessions. It became clear to me that I (like many others) have multiple layers of possessions. We have possessions that exist in physical space, as well as possessions in virtual space: images, sounds and texts stored in … Continue reading ┐ Andrea Polli, memories as possessions in virtual space └

┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

“We have entered La ZAD (Zone A Défendre) – Europe’s largest postcapitalist protest camp – a kind of rural occupy on the eastern edge of Brittany, half and hour’s drive from the city of Nantes.  Like a rebel constellation spread across 4000 acres of forest, farmland and marshes, it takes the form of old squatted farms and fields, DIY strawbale houses, upcycled sheds, theatres and bars cobbled from industrial pallets, hobbit like round houses, cute cabins built with the worlds waste, huts perched frighteningly high in trees and a multitude of other disobedient architectural fantasies. La ZAD has been a … Continue reading ┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

© Tinkebell, Brutus with Idiot, photo printed as a poster, made in collaboration with Mirjam Muller, with special thanks to the idiots © Tinkebell, Her name is Sarah, performance (the animal is used as a commodity article: as part of an individuals carefully build image and ego, rather then being acknowledged as a being with own needs and characteristics.) © Tinkebell, Saving a Broiler, installation (Saving the broiler was part of an installation in which the animal of just a few weeks old got the most perfect habitat the artist could think of.) © The Idiots, DON’T WORRY WE’LL STRAIGHTEN … Continue reading ┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

┐ Chen Qiulin └

© Chen Qiulin, Ellisis’s Series No. 3, 2002 (photograph) © Chen Qiulin, Peach Blossom, 2009 (dvd still) At a time when her understanding of contemporary art was still limited, Chen was unexpectedly invited to partake in Parabola, a satellite show of the First Chengdu Biennale (2001). On this occasion she created Ellisis (. . . . . .), a performance piece that she documented in film and photographs. The work is based on a Chinese expression that roughly translates as “sweet harm” and refers to all the enticing things that modern society throws at young women. In Ellisis, Chen sits … Continue reading ┐ Chen Qiulin └

┐ Christin Boggs └

© Christin Boggs, Untitled, from the series Cheap Fix © Christin Boggs, Untitled, from the series Cheap Fix “With mass acceptance of America’s fast-food mentality, older traditions and rituals of preparing and sharing food are rapidly disappearing. Food and tableware have undergone a chemical makeover, resulting in supermarket shelves stocked with items that imitate flavors and textures grown in nature. In contrast, seventeenth century traditional still life paintings portray natural foods and tableware made from authentic glass, cloth, and silver. Contemporary modes of preparation are exposed when supermarket products are recast into the formal setting and lighting portrayed by the … Continue reading ┐ Christin Boggs └