⁞ How Kalen Hollomon’s collages reflect the general confusion about the core of a subversive attitude ⁞

Trying to make a point with digital cut and paste, here are excerpts of reviews and interviews with collage artist Kalen Hollomon, accompanied by images of his playful work. © Kalen Hollomon © Kalen Hollomon NYMAG: […] Hollomon claims it’s … Continue reading ⁞ How Kalen Hollomon’s collages reflect the general confusion about the core of a subversive attitude ⁞

٠ Israel, the first fur free nation? Yes, you’re allowed to laugh about the irony ٠

Hester Vlamings, in Amsterdam’s Fur Free Exhibition, 2011 Fur free events took place this past Friday worldwide. The video below is from a “performance” (aka bleeding fashion event) that took place in Tel-Aviv. During the rally, people used slogans such … Continue reading ٠ Israel, the first fur free nation? Yes, you’re allowed to laugh about the irony ٠

┐ Beatriz Preciado, high on transformation └

© Tim Walker, Tilda Swinton, Alien Lands Photoshoot based on David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth (W Magazine), 2011 “The day of your death I put a 50-mg dose of Testogel on my skin, so that I can begin to write this book. The carbon chains, O-H3, C-H3, C-OH, gradually penetrate my epidermis and travel through the deep layers of my skin until they reach the blood vessels, nerve endings, glands. I’m not taking testosterone to change myself into a man, nor as a physical strategy of transsexualism; I take it to foil what society wanted to make … Continue reading ┐ Beatriz Preciado, high on transformation └

┐ one little, two little, three little fingers, how many do we need to pull? └

You people who read this blog know that it is unusual for me to make a post about something that I don’t like or to make a negative and/or non constructive criticism (even if by sublimation) about something that I first choose to display. I will, for once (?), use this author’s images in order to make a point: that hyper-formal-aesthetic-overlyexplicit-inyourface-photography is not the way to go, unless you’re in a reality show. This really is what I find pornographic in a lot of phtography-based works today – there is no punctum! all photographs © Mustafa Sabbagh Mustafa’s site is … Continue reading ┐ one little, two little, three little fingers, how many do we need to pull? └

┐ Yayoi Kusama └

© Yayoi Kusama, Silver Squid Dress, 1968-9 © Yayoi Kusama, Self-Portrait, 1962 © Yayoi Kusama, Horse Play © Yayoi Kusama, Self-Obliteration By Dots, 1968. Photo © Hal Reiff © Yayoi Kusama, photography copyright © Harrie Verstappen “Rather than confirming the ontological coherence of the body-as-presence, body art depends on documentation, confirming-even exacerbating-the supplementarity of the body itself. Predictably, although many have relied on the photograph, in particular, as “proof’ of the fact that a specific action took place or as a marketable object to be raised to the formalist height of an “art” photograph, in fact such a dependence is founded … Continue reading ┐ Yayoi Kusama └

┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

all images © Austin Young, from Machine Project, Hammer Museum. “Tranimal…Young’s new endeavor – a collaboration with Squeaky Blonde and Fade-Dra, is infused with the artist’s high voltage underground creative energy. Tranimal is a big and bold project. It incorporates video, photography, and interactive sound design. And its taking performance art to an operatic level. (…) Participants are put through an assembly line where Squeaky Blonde, Fade-Dra , Young costume them, make-them up and turn them into a cast of glamorous, genderless creatures. Mark Allen, director of Machine Project, makes light sensitive circuitry boards that are sewn into theor costumes. … Continue reading ┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

© Tinkebell, Brutus with Idiot, photo printed as a poster, made in collaboration with Mirjam Muller, with special thanks to the idiots © Tinkebell, Her name is Sarah, performance (the animal is used as a commodity article: as part of an individuals carefully build image and ego, rather then being acknowledged as a being with own needs and characteristics.) © Tinkebell, Saving a Broiler, installation (Saving the broiler was part of an installation in which the animal of just a few weeks old got the most perfect habitat the artist could think of.) © The Idiots, DON’T WORRY WE’LL STRAIGHTEN … Continue reading ┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

┐ Ugo Rondinone – I don’t live here anymore └

© Ugo Rondinone, all Untitled, from the series I don’t live here anymore, 1996 “My discovery of Rondinone dates back to a sexy picture I noticed in Flash Art in the mid-1990s, of what I took to be a seductive model revealing a glimpse of appealing cleavage. I hadn’t actually meant to stop at the image, but biology had taken over, as it does. But wait a second. There was something weird about this girl. Why was she so swarthy? And wasn’t that a moustache on her upper lip? Someone had digitally transferred his head onto a photograph of an … Continue reading ┐ Ugo Rondinone – I don’t live here anymore └

┐ Erik Madigan Heck └

© Erik Madigan Heck, from Undercover Jun Takahashi © Erik Madigan Heck, from Undercover Jun Takahashi (…) Heck’s working methods also demonstrate his independent streak. He eschews strobes and rarely shoots digitally. He even pooh-poohs test Polaroids, which would help ensure the usability of images captured with his 15-year-old, all-manual, 35mm Canon EOS 630. “I show up for a job with just a little bag,” he says with a smile. “Some people get nervous, and some people think it’s funny. I tell people that they’re hiring me because they know my work and they shouldn’t mess with my shtick. I … Continue reading ┐ Erik Madigan Heck └

┐ Stefan Milev └

© Stefan Milev, Spiros, Berlin 2011 © Stefan Milev, Dune – Simone van Werkhoven, Paris 2010 Still looking for some kind of photographic identity in the fashion world. Although it tends to be very hard to find, I guess the photographer comes through with every choice he/she makes, regarding equipment, materials and technique. I’m looking for consistency and passion, at the end always searching for authenticity. Although briefly, these portraits seem to communicate a relationship between the men behind and in front of the lens and that seems truthful. We, the spectator, now we eye-witnesses cease to see it as … Continue reading ┐ Stefan Milev └

┐ Cathleen Naundorf └

© Cathleen Naundorf, Untitled – Dior, artist’s workshop – Cité Jandelle, Paris © Cathleen Naundorf, Mimi San – Dior, artist’s workshop – Cité Jandelle, Paris “When I decided to photograph 4×5 inches, and even with Polaroid, people asked, ’Are you crazy? Why don ’t you do digital, it takes much less time?’ But, it needs to take time. When you take the time to discover your subject it’s like you’re really meeting. And as you see with my pictures, there is some- thing special inside.” source: VS interview Another gift to the fashion world: Cathleen’s view of the world Continue reading ┐ Cathleen Naundorf └