┐ Heather Cassils, this is what a durational re-performance looks like └

© Heather Cassils, Day 1, 02-20-10, 2011 © Heather Cassils, Day 140, 07-20-10, 2011. © Heather Cassils “There are two constants in my life: art and exercise. Art started first, then after a serious childhood illness I discovered my body through lifting weights. I am now a visual artist and a personal trainer. My brush with mortality is something I see in the clients that come to me on a daily basis. Whether it’s recovering from heart surgery or bringing news of a brand new osteoporosis diagnosis, many of these people have come face to face with the limits of … Continue reading ┐ Heather Cassils, this is what a durational re-performance looks like └

┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

all images © Austin Young, from Machine Project, Hammer Museum. “Tranimal…Young’s new endeavor – a collaboration with Squeaky Blonde and Fade-Dra, is infused with the artist’s high voltage underground creative energy. Tranimal is a big and bold project. It incorporates video, photography, and interactive sound design. And its taking performance art to an operatic level. (…) Participants are put through an assembly line where Squeaky Blonde, Fade-Dra , Young costume them, make-them up and turn them into a cast of glamorous, genderless creatures. Mark Allen, director of Machine Project, makes light sensitive circuitry boards that are sewn into theor costumes. … Continue reading ┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

┐ Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig └

© Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig, Object of Investigation (from Hysteria Collection), 2006 © Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig, State 5 (from Hysteria Collection), 2008 “In Hysteria Collection we look back to the beginnings of the representation of women, to the constructed documentation of the sick Victorian woman. This simulated hysterical condition and the constructed image of the sickly woman was devised to prove an invented feminine affliction. We perform the hysterical body drawn from its historical context and place it in a contemporary context to resurface the historical reference as well as uncover the formulas that yield the recurring … Continue reading ┐ Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig └

║ Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons ║

© Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Backyard dreams #5, 2005 © Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Replenishing, 2003 “Magdalena Campos-Pons works with themes of identity (female and racial), familial ties, and the friction of having a home in Cuba and a home in the United States. Compos-Pons works with 20 x 24 Polaroids that create brilliant in color. She works with costumes to address her thoughts on identity. She often places herself in her photographs with an altered identity. She weaves extravagant hair extensions, constructing nests or tentacle-like braids that twist and entangle the artist, while other objects are in her nest of hair.” … Continue reading ║ Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons ║

║ Lise Sarfati ║

© Lise Sarfati, Gina #23, from the series She, 2005 © Lise Sarfati, Sloane #12, from the series She, 2005 © Lise Sarfati, Christine #04, from the series She, 2005 “The people in Lise Sarfati’s pictures never seem to be doing much of anything. They hang out, smoke cigarettes, sit on their beds, pour themselves coffee. They are usually alone, and most of them are women. They seem to be waiting. Will something happen to amuse or interest them? […] Sarfati has said: “Perhaps adolescence is the only true time of life.” She has also stated: “I like doubles, like … Continue reading ║ Lise Sarfati ║

║ Maritza Molina ║

© Maritza Molina, Cutting the Pattern,  2009 © Maritza Molina, The test of purity,  2009 Maritza Molina´s work is a self-portrait exploring phases of her life’s encounters, discoveries, and changes. She stages herself in her images, as well as other people and objects. Her artwork derives from a personal experience or standpoint, and reflects how she occupies the world, and how the world that surrounds impacts her life. Allowing these constructed realities to translate into symbolic meanings is an intuitive process, one which she allows to guide her. Continue reading ║ Maritza Molina ║