┐ Bill Durgin └

© Bill Durhin, Untitked, from the series Nudes and Still Lifes © Bill Durhin, Untitked, from the series Nudes and Still Lifes “Nudes and Still Lifes is a series of photographs that reverberate between the languages of attraction and abjection, painting and performance, photography and sculpture. While specific poses riff on gestures and peripheral details from the works of Lehman, Corbet, Gerome, Belmer, and Bacon, the exquisite distortion of the figures attempts an undoing of recognizable form. For the Nudes images I work with dancers, models, and my own body to choreograph shapes through contortion and perspective. Resisting traditional views … Continue reading ┐ Bill Durgin └

┐ Peter Finnemore └

© Peter Finnemore, Miffin in the wallpaper, from the series Dark Light (Gwendraeth House), 2010 © Peter Finnemore, Night Veil, from the series Dark Light (Gwendraeth House), 2010 “Houses are commodities, homes are souls. Began in 2003, this substantive, distinct and current chapter of the Gwendraeth House project comes under the title of Dark Light. Here, through photography I divine the house’s interior. Its habitual space becomes a compact manifold; it is without boundary. This stone house is a breathing entity; light, air, décor and companionship nourishes’ its well-being. It is a stationary stone ship, an enclosed deep time capsule; … Continue reading ┐ Peter Finnemore └

║ Millie Burton ║

© Millie Burton, Mantlepiece, from the series Pictures from an Interior, 2004 © Millie Burton, Dresser, from the series Pictures from an Interior, 2004 “Pictures from an Interior (2004) is a photographic record and celebration of the house that my grandmother lived in from 1956 until 2008. She was a practical woman and did much of the work on the house herself, and had a knack for putting things together in beautiful and functional displays. But when her children and friends were clearing the house after her death, they found that many of the objects were flawed in some way … Continue reading ║ Millie Burton ║

║ Marrigje De Maar ║

© Marrigje De Maar, Tollonjoki, Wanja, Russia, from the series Home Made © Marrigje De Maar, Venray, refter, from the series Time Out © Marrigje De Maar, China-Zhaoxing, old farmer, from the series Rambles (people) Time Out consist of pictures of rejected spaces. The structure of these buildings may still be sound, but the inside is considered “economically worn out”. These interiors seem no longer fit to house any succesful enterprise. For these buildings an anxious time of waiting has began. Hopefully somebody sees a new life for them and is willing to invest in their restauration. But time is … Continue reading ║ Marrigje De Maar ║

║ Ville Lenkkeri ║

© Ville Lenkkeri, The Collected Works of Lenin, from the series The Place of No Roads © Ville Lenkkeri, Dead Domestic Plants II, from the series The Place of No Roads “Two Russian communities on Spitsbergen have had their times of bloom. Now one of them is a ghost town and also the other one is running out reasons and will to exist. In this series these towns are studied subjec-tively as cases of risen and fallen utopias. Photographed on Spitsbergen 2003-. Work in progress.”Ville Lenkkeri To see more of Ville’s work click here Continue reading ║ Ville Lenkkeri ║

║ Martine Fougeron ║

© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête III, c.2007 © Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête IV, c.2007 “This work explores adolescence as a subliminal state, between childhood and adulthood, and between the feminine and the masculine. The portraits, naturally staged, explore the intrinsic interior quest of the adolescent’s journey. I noticed that most photographers portray adolescents as outsiders with a despairing outlook on their world and the world around them. This was not the perception I had of my sons’ lives. I was fascinated by the inquisitive energy, the intense inner quests, the fabulous dreams and ideals, which they exulted. I thought that a calmer, … Continue reading ║ Martine Fougeron ║

║ James Nizam ║

© James Nizam, Anteroom (pile of cabinets in room), 2007 © James Nizam, Dwellings #13, 2006 “James Nizam’s work reveals a fascination with the processes of change, decay, and reclamation within our built environment. His new series of colour photographs—shot inside abandoned houses slated for demolition—speaks eloquently about the booming real-estate market in Vancouver and the disappearance of modest, single-family dwellings from urban life. But his images also tell us something poetic about the relationship between people and the domestic spaces they fleetingly occupy. The show clearly relates to Nizam’s previous series of chromogenic prints, shot inside the old Woodward’s … Continue reading ║ James Nizam ║

║ Laurenz Berges ║

© Laurens Berges, Berlin – Karlshorts III, 1995 © Laurens Berges, Potsdam V, 1995 “Several images in the series record the intersection of architectural elements with the ground in harmonious if unspectacular compositions, pregnant with the implication of what might have occurred or still could occur there. In others, architectural elements enter into timid competition with nature, the separation of the two realms symbolizing the psychical compartmentalization of experience in general. Like Berges’ earlier studies of Russian barracks, these images derive their impact from inherent contradictions; where a quality of quiet permanence suffuses the abandoned interiors of the earlier series … Continue reading ║ Laurenz Berges ║