┐ Tomas Young’s last letter └

from Eugene Richard‘s series War is Personal Days after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Tomas Young, then a 22-year-old from Kansas City, Mo., made a decision repeated by many other Americans around the country: He was going to enlist in the military in hopes of getting even with the enemies who had helped coordinate the deaths of nearly 3,000 men, women and children. Less than three years later, Young’s Army service placed him not in Afghanistan — where then-President George W. Bush had told the nation the terrorist plot had originated — but in Iraq. On April 4, … Continue reading ┐ Tomas Young’s last letter └

┐ Will Jennings └

© Will Jennings, Untitled, from the series Tumbling Blocks, 2011 “As an intuitive response to the sudden death of my mother last summer I walked down the Suffolk coast, reconsidering the landscape of my childhood through the eyes of an adult, mourner and artist. Concrete cubes sporadically emerged along the route, sole man-made interjections in a landscape of permanent flux. As I walked through fog they offered perspective, their staccato rhythm implied passing time, their angular form suggested a grid and attempted rationalisation of chaotic, uncontrollable nature. I read the cubes as monolithic stelae. Blank vessels into which I store … Continue reading ┐ Will Jennings └

┐ roots & fruits #12 – Gonçalo Figueiredo └

© Gonçalo Figueiredo, Lourenço © Gonçalo Figueiredo, Rita Tavares (left) and Lara Brandão (right), from the series The Protest, 12/2009 © Gonçalo Figueiredo, Ricardo Baltazar (left) and Gonçalo Figueiredo (right), from the series The Protest, 12/2009 These portraits are part of a series made back in the Winter of 2009 and it depicts a group of students from the Photography Department to which Gonçalo also was part, both as a technitian and as a student. In December, confronted with the lack of conditions and materials the course lacked to offer, they decided to camp at school and endure a silent … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #12 – Gonçalo Figueiredo └

┐ roots & fruits #9 – Miguel Godinho └

© Miguel Godinho, Untitled, from the series Esta é a minha família (This is my family), 2011 © Miguel Godinho, 38 years old (left) + 40 years old (right), from the series 16-06-1950, 2008 © Miguel Godinho, Untitled, from the series Family, 2005 © Miguel Godinho, Untitled (left + right), from the series Entre nós (Amongst us), 2010 Miguel Godinho’s (b. 1984) photography is not easy to describe, not because it is abstract, overly conceptualized or devoided of content, but because it is simple (albeit symbolic) and unpretentious. Miguel’s body of work fluctuates between intimate moments and a sterile portrait … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #9 – Miguel Godinho └

┐ Scott Alario └

© Scott Alario, all Untitled, from the project Our Fable “I’m in the process of building a folk tale for my daughter. It is a paternal inevitability to make up stories for one’s children, and for me, doing so has recently become the passion in my creative practice. There are two photographs I remember from my childhood that play directly into this work. The first is a studio portrait of my father’s mother, made immediately before leaving Italy to immigrate to the United States. We would call the photograph the “gypsy picture” while I was growing up, and in doing … Continue reading ┐ Scott Alario └

┐ roots & fruits #8 – Diogo Simões └

© Diogo Simões, Untitled, from the series Miratejo © Diogo Simões, Untitled, from the series Miratejo © Diogo Simões, Untitled, from the series Miratejo © Diogo Simões, Untitled, from the series Miratejo Influenced by current-events (this is a circumstantial analogy) Diogo’s (b.1988, Miratejo, PT) photographs remind me of a kind of portrait of youth that makes me think of Gus van Sant’s universe. If I had seen this series a few months ago I would probably relate it to projects within the realm of the medium itself and think about the meaning of portrait and nostalgia in the history of … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #8 – Diogo Simões └

┐ Moyra Davey └

© Moyra Davey, The Coffee Shop, The Library, 2011 25 C-prints, tape, postage, ink © Moyra Davey, Musik, 2010 © Moyra Davey, The Whites of Your Eyes (for Bill Horrigan), 2010 25 C-prints, tape, postage, ink © Moyra Davey, The Whites of Your Eyes (for Bill Horrigan), 2010 I’d say that these pictures are about the life of objects. I had a funny revelation recently–and in a way this takes me back to my art school days as a nascent photographer–that my Fridge picture is very similar to Edward Weston’s toilet. In his diaries and notebooks, which I read in … Continue reading ┐ Moyra Davey └

┐ Helga Härenstam └

© Helga Härenstam, The Gap, from the series The Society, 2006-2008 © Helga Härenstam, Jesus, from the series The Society, 2006-2008 The Society is a fictious documentary, trough which Helga Härenstam has been looking for and/or constructing environments, scenes and events, that are based on memories from the small society where she grew up. The people photographed in these series are Härenstam herself, her family and other people that she is close to. The series is a puzzle of pictures dealing with the borders between documentary and staged, the real and the unreal and the past and the present. The … Continue reading ┐ Helga Härenstam └

┐ Natasja Maria Fourie └

@ Natasja Maria Fourie, from I didn’t want to be your ghost @ Natasja Maria Fourie, from I didn’t want to be your ghost “I have an obsession with the naked portrait. The most beautiful and vulgar things are produced by the human body. The naked body raises intense psychological issues. My portrait work deals with all those complex feelings when one is stripped naked, the feelings of shame, amusement or indifference. Nakedness deals with being human, with being mortal.” Fourie’s work revolves around how we share our lives and bodies. She is very conscious to establish where her naked … Continue reading ┐ Natasja Maria Fourie └

┐ Duarte Amaral Netto └

© Duarte Maral Netto, untitled, from the project “Z”, 2012 © Duarte Maral Netto, untitled, from the project “Z”, 2012 Duarte’s new work is in a rare place between verity, intimacy and honesty and the exciting and self obsessed world of fiction. The narrative constructed is that of “Z”, a physician said to have gone to Germany to specialized in facial surgery. We’re then introduced to the idea of the family album and presented with historic images of very significant relevant, both in time and the place they occupy, as in relation to their place amidst a personal account of … Continue reading ┐ Duarte Amaral Netto └

┐ Carla Cabanas └

© Carla Cabanas, Three friends, from the project What remains of what it was, 2010/11 © Carla Cabanas, One Little Girl, from the project What remains of what it was, 2010/11 “What remains of what once was – Cabanas Álbum), the artist invokes memory imprecision through erasing, scratching, and fading away of images belonging to her closest surrounding: family. The photographic processing torn off – accumulating in the bottom of the frame – erases information on spaces, context and characters. Just like we all unwillingly discard our personal history, until what remains is but ashes from times gone by.” by … Continue reading ┐ Carla Cabanas └

┐ Sasha Kurmaz └

© Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled © Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled © Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled “I consciously seek to avoid the trap of the “author’s style.” The world of art requires us to underscore originality and authorship, a certain manner that will distinguish you from all and make you unique. Today, I think authorship and style are boundaries for any artist. I strive constantly to look for something new – don’t stop anywhere, constantly experiment. This refers for all that I do: photographs, collage, graffiti, objects… Maybe it’s just searching for myself, I don’t know.” excerpt from an interview led by Christopher Schreck, … Continue reading ┐ Sasha Kurmaz └

┐ El Plus En └

© Luke Norman & Nik Adam, Untitled, from the project Ellerker Gardens, 2011 © Luke Norman & Nik Adam, Untitled, from the project Ellerker Gardens, 2011 © Luke Norman & Nik Adam, Untitled, from the project Ellerker Gardens, 2011 “We wanted to focus on the ‘in-between’, the volatile state of mind in which instability manifests itself, where an uncertain state of mind can produce dark and bizarre outcomes,” says Norman. “The idea is all about letting go; you have to fall out of reality to engage with the pictures – the pictures are there to trigger thoughts inside your head,” … Continue reading ┐ El Plus En └

┐ Amanda Tinker └

© Amanda Tinker, Untitled (Left Foot #1), work in progress, 2011 Palladium Print 8″x10″ © Amanda Tinker, Untitled (Julian with Peonies), work in progress, 2010 Palladium Print 8″x10″ “My latest work, still in progress, explores the intersection between the psychological landscape of family relationships and the body’s physical form, compromised, intact and otherwise. This work deals both specifically with the physical effects of a degenerative nerve disease in my family, and generally with the anxieties, joys and ambiguities of family life. I want to confront my own anxieties over my children potentially developing a debilitating illness, but at the same … Continue reading ┐ Amanda Tinker └