║ Anna Rackard ║

© Anna Rackard, Untitled, from the series Farmers © Anna Rackard, Untitled, from the series Farmers ‘Farmers’ is an exploration of contemporary rural identity in Ireland. Specifically it examines the role of women in farming and their invisibility within the family farm. Women have always been involved in farming in Ireland, usually as a spouse, sister or daughter. Studies show that despite the process of modernisation rural farming identity is still based on a traditional, patriarchal construct – the visible representation of the family farm is usually of the male farmer who owns the land, is subject to taxation and … Continue reading ║ Anna Rackard ║

║ Paul Seawright ║

© Paul Seawright, Map, from the series Hiden: Afghanistan, 2002 © Paul Seawright, Mounds, from the series Hiden: Afghanistan, 2002 “An Imperial War Museum, London commission, to make a new artwork in response to the attacks on Sept 11th and the war in Afghanistan for the museums permanent collection. The exhibition HIDDEN has toured to Spain, Greece, USA, Germany, UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, France and South Korea. Seawright was commissioned by the BBC to record an audio diary of his trip. Afghanistan: Ashes to Dust was produced by Richard Lehnert for BBC Radio and a 30 minute documentary was made … Continue reading ║ Paul Seawright ║

║ David Blackmore ║

© David Blackmore, Reception Area, The metropolitan Children’s Court, Dublin, Eire © David Blackmore, Holding Cells, Rathfarnham Garda Station, Dublin, Eire “I was working on ‘Detox’ from 2003-2005. I was initially attracted to the vividness of the blue lighting without really knowing why the light was used. Through research I found that the lights are used to deter intravenous drug use, usually within public toilets, specific spaces in which habitual users have been known to frequent. The reasoning behind their use is that under blue light it is difficult to find a vein. Veins being a blue/green colour do not … Continue reading ║ David Blackmore ║