Guest blogger André Carapinha ٠ Plato, Love & Image ٠

Introducing Nihilsentimentalgia’s newcomer André Carapinha with an essay about the veil of shadows that stands between our perception and “reality”. Photographs illustrating the essay all belong to Trish Morrissey‘s project Front (2005-07), where she sets out to find families that she joins temporarily, in an “as if/has-been” moment, at the same time manipulating reality and attributing to it the statue of memory. PLATO, LOVE AND IMAGE A short essay about the importance of the act of remembering in photography, but not exclusively Things are even more real when we remember them. When we experience them, they come wrapped in a … Continue reading Guest blogger André Carapinha ٠ Plato, Love & Image ٠

┐ we’re all in deep shit IX └

We’re all in deep shit but at least in Portugal, TODAY, we know what to do! “As Pedro Passos Coelho, Portugal’s center-right prime minister, prepares to announce a new budget on Monday — filled with still more steep tax increases and public sector job cuts — he faces the kind of popular backlash that was, until recently, absent from the political and social landscape here. Taking a page from the playbook of their Spanish neighbors, Portuguese protesters are planning to encircle the Parliament building here in the capital for the budget announcement.” excerpt from the article Austerity Protests Are Rude … Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit IX └

┐ Love as a political concept └

© Brea Souders, French Bed and Moon “When I get confused about love, or other things in the world, thinking about Spinozian definitions often helps me because of their clarity. Spinoza defines love as the increase of our joy, that is, the increase of our power to act and think, with the recognition of an external cause. You can see why Spinoza says self-love is a nonsense term, since it involves no external cause. Love is thus necessarily collective and expansive in the sense that it increases our power and hence our joy. Here’s one way of thinking about the … Continue reading ┐ Love as a political concept └