٠ Gaspar Noë’s appropriation of Paul Sharits’ or the love for ‘formal processes and psychedelic modifications’ ٠

“[…] What I am calling “vulgar appropriationism” is this: the way in which pop/commercial media today often appropriate formal structures from more-or-less “high art,” or even avant-garde art, of the 20th century, and use them in ways that negates the … Continue reading ٠ Gaspar Noë’s appropriation of Paul Sharits’ or the love for ‘formal processes and psychedelic modifications’ ٠

٠ A photographer’s affair with the music scene ٠

© Vera Marmelo, Consultório, Community art space in Barreiro © Vera Marmelo, Luis Vera Marmelo (b. 1984) is a photographer that came to be very well known in a specific art scene, particularly in the music subsystem of the Lisbon area. She was born in Barreiro, a city facing Lisbon from the other side of Tejo, a city with a very strong sense of community and strong comprehension of how important autonomy and individuality are to redefining culture. So, it could be stated, the natural conditions of her environment conditioned the nest of social relations she started to care for. … Continue reading ٠ A photographer’s affair with the music scene ٠

٠ Varda’s feminist tableaux (l’une chante, l’autre pas) ٠

Feminist performance, the Engelian way PAPA ENGELS La double journée pauvre maman c’est bien épuisant et c’est mal payé Friedrich Engels l’avait dit dans la famille aujourd’hui l’homme est le bourgeois et la femme est le prolétariat Il avait raison papa Engels il avait raison car à la maison l’homme est le bourgeois et la femme est le prolétariat C’est papa le chef pauvre maman le seigneur du fief le roi tout puissant (…) Continue reading ٠ Varda’s feminist tableaux (l’une chante, l’autre pas) ٠

┐ I Will Swim to You └

I’ve said it here before: Jason Molina is my favourite musician. I’ve said it here before: he was an alcoholic. Jason Molina died last Saturday, 16th March, aged 39. I’m lost for words, not because this is overwhelmingly sad but because it just builds on anger. He was an extraordinary soul and his premature departure was to be expected. In the statement from his label Secretly Canadian one can read “Without him there would be no us — plain and simple” and that’s something I share entirely. Without his music I wouldn’t be the same. That’s not tragic but the … Continue reading ┐ I Will Swim to You └

┐ For the blue coin won’t you bring back all those colors to my dreams └

online str**ming here “Craig Bartholomew tracks down Sixto Rodriguez, the second generation Mexican who, with his 70s album Cold Fact, radicalised South African youth. What he found was Gandhi with a guitar. It’s five o’clock as I wait at Cape Town international airport for a man I think I know well but have never met, one Sixto Rodriguez – mythical guru and serendipitous soothsayer of the 70’s “hey man wow!” generation, and creator of the long-selling cult album, Cold Fact – A man once lost, but now found. Every time an airport announcement is made, fate’s fat fingers play an … Continue reading ┐ For the blue coin won’t you bring back all those colors to my dreams └

┐ Ravi Shankar, teaching by example └

“If one hears this music without any intoxication, or any sort of drugs, one does get the feeling of being intoxicated. That’s the beauty of our music. It builds up to that pitch. We don’t believe in the extra, or the other stimulus taken, and that’s what I’m trying my best to make the young people, without hurting them, of course, to understand.” Shankar refused the label of anti-drug preacher or social reformer. “I have nothing to say. No, it’s the people’s business if they want to drink, or smoke or take drugs. All I request is that these people … Continue reading ┐ Ravi Shankar, teaching by example └

┐ Matthew Niederhauser’s “I can” portraits └

© Matthew Niederhauser, all photographs from the series Sound Kapital “The project first began when I got back into Beijing in October 2007. I was moving back from New York, and I had a friend from college who was out here unexpectedly, working on the soundboard at this music club, D-22. I made a point of going to the club as soon as I got in. I went up there one night with my camera and I was completely blown away by the music. I saw this band called Joyside, and another band called The Subs. I went up there … Continue reading ┐ Matthew Niederhauser’s “I can” portraits └

┐ “we forget what is flesh blood and bone” └

Giving into love and sharing my time Letting someone into my misery I told it all step by step How I landed on the island And how I swam across the sea And it crosses my mind That I may wake to a knife in me No more breath in my hair Or ladies’ underwear Tossed up over the alarm clock Blood dripping from the bed To a neatly written poem A heartfelt last line reading There is no more mystery It it going to happen my love It’s all in your head she said Morning after nightmare You’re building … Continue reading ┐ “we forget what is flesh blood and bone” └

┐ Xaviera Simmons └

© Xaviera Simmons, One Day and Back Then, 2007 © Xaviera Simmons, Landscape (2 Women), 2007 © Xaviera Simmons, If We Believe In Theory, 2009 “Simmons, as an artist, doubles down. She captures the fiction/truth dialectic as well as anyone, disarticulating assumptions about the quietly composed and staged images she makes. She’s a Brecht of the photographic endeavor. In her work, Simmons is not so much documenting the performance before the camera, but the performance itself. In one image from the series If We Believe in Theory, Simmons captures a young girl in the woods dressed like Little Red Riding … Continue reading ┐ Xaviera Simmons └

┐ the Man at work – Crobijn’s portrait └

Klaartje Quirijns’ insightful feature-length profile of Anton Corbijn offers an exploration into the pain of creation while also being a thoughtful examination of one of pop culture’s most iconic photographers and, more recently, film directors. The taciturn Dutch subject, best known for immortalising artists such as Ian Curtis, Iggy Pop and U2, gives filmmaker Quirijns the opportunity to shine a spotlight on to the darkest corners of his intensely private life. The narrative alternates between Corbijn’s personal and professional personas, highlighting the perpetual loneliness of man who is adored by many. Corbijn freely discusses his past while retracing the footsteps … Continue reading ┐ the Man at work – Crobijn’s portrait └

┐ Prinzhorn Dance School └

@Gabriel Green All their videos very much worth seeing! They named themselves after Dr Hans Prinzhorn, a German psychiatrist whose book, Artistry of the Mentally Ill, led to the coining of the phrase Art Brut. After positive feedback from friends, they mailed CDs to five labels, all of whom, they say, wanted to sign them. Not everybody has given them such a warm reception. “Some bands have slagged us off in the press,” snorts Prinz, adding: “If we come backstage at one of your gigs and smack you in the face, you haven’t really got any cause to complain.” Horn … Continue reading ┐ Prinzhorn Dance School └

┐ Bernardo Sassetti └

@ Bernardo Sassetti, ascent @ Bernardo Sassetti, ascent Bernardo Sassetti is a very gifted pianist and composer, but apart from that he is also very passionate about photography and was currently working on publishing a book. He passed away today, at 41, after falling from a cliff, while photographing. Portugal keeps paving the way for a greek tragedy… His music, his gift can’t help but wonder: at the same time, I was photographing in another cliff Continue reading ┐ Bernardo Sassetti └

┐ Jason Molina └

Now and again I wonder what has happen to Jason Molina, my favourite singer/songwriter, since for the past few years no records have been released. As I was looking for some classic black & white portraits of musicians I came across a statement from Magnolia Electric Co. that reads “Over the last two years Jason has been in and out of rehab” and “is currently working on a farm in West Virginia raising goats and chickens for the next year or so”. The press release also asks for support (monetary and other). Besides the fact that I hope he has … Continue reading ┐ Jason Molina └