As usual, a local subject on the world news for all the wrong reasons. This photograph, taken yesterday, is traveling the world, as if it added or stated something new. It belongs to Hugo Correia and depicts his coworker Patricia Melo, from AFP, instants before being hit by a police officer, amidst demonstrations related to the General Strike. Although reading this image may seem immediate, I can assure you it is not. It highlights severe gaps in the Portuguese media, namely the fact that they are incapable of giving a truthful account of events. It has always been the case. … Continue reading

┐ Operetta Dictatorship? └

© Stefan Enders, Gypsies in Pècs, Hungaria © Stefan Enders, activists of the nationalism party Jobbik Pécs, Hungaria Are “forced labor camps” being created here, in the middle of the European Union, as the Hungarian daily newspaper Népszava wrote? Are unemployed people from remote villages being housed in worker camps on large construction sites? No one has to work against his will, but everyone who does show up for work is paid the legal minimum wage, says Karoly Papp, the state secretary in the Interior Ministry in charge of the program. (…) Orbán’s concept of moral renewal and economic rehabilitation … Continue reading ┐ Operetta Dictatorship? └

┐ Angelos Tzortzinis └

Greece: Post #2 Kanellos, the Greek protest dog © Angelos Tzortzinis, from the series Greece Economy crisis © Angelos Tzortzinis, from the series Greece Economy crisis “The economic crisis in Greece has sparked riots and violent reactions. Massive protests broke out against severe government spending cuts aimed at saving the country from economic collapse. Thousands of people march through central Athens protesting government plans to impose new spending cuts to save the country from bankruptcy. The protesters chanted in the streets as squads of riot police with stun grenades, tear gas and arrests attempt to enforce discipline.” More of Angelos’ … Continue reading ┐ Angelos Tzortzinis └