┐ Eureka! self-portrait after Yunchul Kim └

excerpt from: © Yunchul Kim, self-portrait.jpg, ink on paper, 90 X 140 em; 58,806 single handwritten characters, 2004. “…when I deal with art after the media I do not mean art that can exist without media. Such art is no longer conceivable for me. Rather, I refer to artistic praxis that has passed through the media, but in a specific manner has left them far behind. The effect that the media had when they were still an attraction no longer plays an important role. The technical and media aspects of such artistic praxis are not the essence of its attraction. … Continue reading ┐ Eureka! self-portrait after Yunchul Kim └

┐ Jacinda Russell └

© Jacinda Russell, Strange Artifacts: A Photographic and Found Object @ J. Crist Gallery, installation view + details, Idaho, 2007 The wunderkammer or “room of wonder” draws heavily upon 16th century European cabinets of curiosity. I combined digital photography with found object sculpture by printing on canvas and encasing the images in weathered boxes, suitcases, drawers, and crates. Objects like false teeth, steering wheels, anonymous sculptures of naked bandits, jars of paint chips, sculpted cotton, and skull necklaces form the installation. All 50 of the objects are influential in defining my childhood and adult years, the various places I have … Continue reading ┐ Jacinda Russell └

┐ History is written by the disobedient └

© Sofia Silva, (sketch detail), from the series The Protester, 2012 I heard of a darkness, descending upon the old archive of words And the muffled whispers of the elders drowning in the midst of the long rows of obedience This you must know to be true brother: we are the dead. The weeping past and his wretched son soon will be victims of their own doing All else follows And when all is done and the night is purified of all these thoughts, I will sell you as you sold me All else follows It’s by death I am … Continue reading ┐ History is written by the disobedient └

┐ Ugo Rondinone – I don’t live here anymore └

© Ugo Rondinone, all Untitled, from the series I don’t live here anymore, 1996 “My discovery of Rondinone dates back to a sexy picture I noticed in Flash Art in the mid-1990s, of what I took to be a seductive model revealing a glimpse of appealing cleavage. I hadn’t actually meant to stop at the image, but biology had taken over, as it does. But wait a second. There was something weird about this girl. Why was she so swarthy? And wasn’t that a moustache on her upper lip? Someone had digitally transferred his head onto a photograph of an … Continue reading ┐ Ugo Rondinone – I don’t live here anymore └

┐ Hannah Villiger (1951-1997) └

© Hannah Villiger, Untitled, 1980 – C-print from Polaroid © Hannah Villiger, Sculptural, 1993 © Hannah Villiger, Untitled, 1980/81 – 12 C-prints of polaroids “When trying to describe physical feelings of any kind, we find ourselves shortchanged by language. I arrived at this conclusion after several, always hopelessly crude attempts to describe fundamental moments in Hannah Villiger’s oeuvre. The public-at-large is quite capable of registering feelings of repulsion or extreme empathy when blood flows in the movies, when some-one is cut or surgery is performed, or when faced with eroticism, vertigo on a lookout tower or sports—all points on a … Continue reading ┐ Hannah Villiger (1951-1997) └

┐ roots & fruits #12 – Gonçalo Figueiredo └

© Gonçalo Figueiredo, Lourenço © Gonçalo Figueiredo, Rita Tavares (left) and Lara Brandão (right), from the series The Protest, 12/2009 © Gonçalo Figueiredo, Ricardo Baltazar (left) and Gonçalo Figueiredo (right), from the series The Protest, 12/2009 These portraits are part of a series made back in the Winter of 2009 and it depicts a group of students from the Photography Department to which Gonçalo also was part, both as a technitian and as a student. In December, confronted with the lack of conditions and materials the course lacked to offer, they decided to camp at school and endure a silent … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #12 – Gonçalo Figueiredo └

┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

© Inês Beja, The Roaring © Inês Beja, Untitled #3, from the series Jumping at Shadows Inês is a chameleon or, as she puts it, a shape-shifter. From my point of view what she is now is a creative force: obsessive, eager to learn, aiming for the perfect tool, the perfect dress, the perfect light, the perfect shot. I believe these are arguments enough to keep an eye on her and see where all this passion (borderline destructive force?) can take her. Her work made me think of a written piece of work, so instead of dragging on parallels between … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

┐ Lock, Stock and Teardrops by Ali Kepenek & Max Snow └

© Ali Kepenek, Jackee Gun Dance, from the project Lock, Stock and Teardrops, 2011 © Maxwell Snow, Untitled, from the project Lock, Stock and Teardrops, 2011 “A constant duality exists in Ali Kepenek and Max Snow’s recent work of photography, installation, sculpture and collage. Under the theme of pain, both artists address their life experiences from physical existence, through installation and sculpture, as well as the internal and emotional realm, as depicted in their portrait photographs and collages. Kepenek’s photographs are the personal recordings of his world experience, depicting distorted scenes of self-destruction, substance abuse and sexual dissipation from the … Continue reading ┐ Lock, Stock and Teardrops by Ali Kepenek & Max Snow └

┐ Iiu Susiraja └

@ Iiu Susiraja, Näytös, from the series Älä nyt suutu, 2008/09 @ Iiu Susiraja, Kannel, from the series Syömään, pöytä on katettu, 2010 “In Susiraja’s esthetics, an image does not remain an image; rather, it requires an entire life. Although Susiraja has focused on photography, her art genre is more comprehensive: to shape a work of art from life. Usually, the salesmen of this genre rely on the American smile, non-sense polished with first-class product phraseology, but Susiraja doesn’t work that way. She scavenges ultimate experiences and the most dismal version of reality, although sometimes the imaginative possibilities for light-hearted … Continue reading ┐ Iiu Susiraja └

┐ Sarah Maple └

© Sarah Maple, ‘Self portrait with Fried Eggs’, C-Type Print, 2008 © Sarah Maple, ‘I’ve got status anxiety (text)’ – Acrylic on paper collage © Sarah Maple, ‘I’ve got status anxiety’, C-Type Print, 2009 Sasha: When told that the theme of the current No More Potlucks was Ego, you quickly responded, “I have a lot to say about that bastard.” Please tell me what you meant by that. In other words, when you hear the word ego, what or whom does it conjure up in your mind? Daniel MacIvor: Ah, Ego. Makes a great fuel but a shitty engine. It … Continue reading ┐ Sarah Maple └

┐ Davide Maione └

© Davide Maione, Reaching © Davide Maione, Beaten (left) and Appeal (right), from Outlines and Annotations © Davide Maione, What it takes to keep a young girl alive “What It Takes to Keep a Young Girl Alive is a diptych of photographs that takes its title from a short story by Jayne Anne Phillips. Whilst being the departing point for creating a link between portraiture, narrative and performance, Phillips’ short story functions as fictional milieu for exploring notions of selfhood and subjectivity. The diptych seizes on the very essence of Phillips’ story: the repetitive gestures of menial labour, the dead end job … Continue reading ┐ Davide Maione └

┐ Samuel Fosso └

© Samuel Fosso,La Bourgeoise, From the Series TA, 2007 © Samuel Fosso, Self-Portrait (as Liberated American Woman of the ’70s), 2007 “In every photograph the beautiful Fosso is subject, object and creator. Occasionally he includes other people, but their posture and placement relegates them to a secondary position. In one stagy, understated and slightly bizarre image, for example, Fosso, in large sunglasses autographs a book for an anonymous man, who inclines deferentially towards him. In other photographs, like an indifferent, latter-day and urbanised Narcissus, he’s pictured sitting or standing with himself through the magic of a double exposure. The shallow … Continue reading ┐ Samuel Fosso └

┐ Ugnius Gelguda └

It’s a first in 5 years of blogging: these photographs were removed because the author asked me to, due to a copyrights situation. I completely disagree with this but I respect the author’s will. You can still see the photos a l l     o v e r     t h e      i n t e r n e t! © Ugnius Gelguda, Solvita and Ieva, from the series Living Together, 2004 © Ugnius Gelguda, Edijs and Madarafrom, the series Living Together, 2004 “The series of these photos tends to question the conception of a contemporary family, the … Continue reading ┐ Ugnius Gelguda └