┐ WR: Mysteries of the Organism └

“As for Wilhelm Reich himself, upon whose ideas and career the film is largely based, today he seems less like a sex radical than like a crypto-conservative without knowing it. Reich’s glorification of the orgasm is actually quite heteronormative and prescriptive, as well as being entirely caught up within the discursive deployment of sexuality-as-liberation, described and denaturalized by Foucault. (Indeed, as far back as the 1950s, Norman O. Brown had already denounced Reich’s privileging of “normal adult genital sexuality” over the multiple potentials of “polymorphous perversity”). Reich’s later ideas about orgone energy, for which he was prosecuted and persecuted by … Continue reading ┐ WR: Mysteries of the Organism └

┐ Cara Judea Alhadeff └

© Cara Judea Alhadeff, Lost Valley, from the conscious dream project © Cara Judea Alhadeff, kunst-stoff, from the conscious dream project © Cara Judea Alhadeff, Exploratoreum, from Gestation (singles) © Cara Judea Alhadeff, south american tropical room, from gestation project © Cara Judea Alhadeff, art and revolution’s wailing women heads, from gestation project “As a Deleuzian nomadic feminist, my photographic work explores a dynamic disequilibrium. My photographs play with inter-relating imbrications—concurrent, multiple, contradictory tendencies.My pedagogical and art-based research explores the possibilities of radical citizenship by actively cultivating vulnerability through corporeal inquiries. Irreducibly allusive corpo-visual language unfolds as embodied rhizomatic vulnerabilities. … Continue reading ┐ Cara Judea Alhadeff └

┐ Death Valley and the economy of masturbation └

stills from Sam Taylor-Wood’s “Death Valley”, Destricted, 2006 (…) In a society based on the separation and isolation of atomised individuals who are precariously chained together on the basis of a set of neurotic projections (nation, religion, family, etc.) and the practices and institutions that undergird them, it seems unsurprising that Tweedledee will occasionally, perhaps increasingly, have sex without the involvement of Tweedledum, or even of another Tweedledee. This has made society’s defenders vilify masturbation as an antisocial form of subject-object identity that bypasses heterosexuality and the holy cow of sexual dimorphism. Apparently it threatens the healthy measure of neurosis … Continue reading ┐ Death Valley and the economy of masturbation └

┐ Sarah Maple └

© Sarah Maple, ‘Self portrait with Fried Eggs’, C-Type Print, 2008 © Sarah Maple, ‘I’ve got status anxiety (text)’ – Acrylic on paper collage © Sarah Maple, ‘I’ve got status anxiety’, C-Type Print, 2009 Sasha: When told that the theme of the current No More Potlucks was Ego, you quickly responded, “I have a lot to say about that bastard.” Please tell me what you meant by that. In other words, when you hear the word ego, what or whom does it conjure up in your mind? Daniel MacIvor: Ah, Ego. Makes a great fuel but a shitty engine. It … Continue reading ┐ Sarah Maple └

┐ Sasha Kurmaz └

© Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled © Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled © Sasha Kurmaz, Untitled “I consciously seek to avoid the trap of the “author’s style.” The world of art requires us to underscore originality and authorship, a certain manner that will distinguish you from all and make you unique. Today, I think authorship and style are boundaries for any artist. I strive constantly to look for something new – don’t stop anywhere, constantly experiment. This refers for all that I do: photographs, collage, graffiti, objects… Maybe it’s just searching for myself, I don’t know.” excerpt from an interview led by Christopher Schreck, … Continue reading ┐ Sasha Kurmaz └