┐ Alexandre Tylski, Gus van Sant’s highschool as a Zoo └

From time to time I revisit Gus van Sant’s movie Elephant.   I think of it as a brilliant artwork, definitely his best. The characters, the composition, the poignancy of the argument… though he mastered them all what really captivated me was the animal theme and the symbolism behind its use. I remember reading an article about it and never being able to find it again. I encountered it today, by chance, so here it is: ELEPHANT : un film animalier Le titre du film Le titre du film ELEPHANT est au départ une référence consciente au téléfilm du même nom … Continue reading ┐ Alexandre Tylski, Gus van Sant’s highschool as a Zoo └

┐ an unwelcome guest └

© REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis, A masked protester holds a metal bar during a violent demonstration in Syntagma square in central Athens OPEN LETTER TO ANGELA MERKEL Dear chancellor Merkel, We start by saying we address you only as chancellor of Germany. We did not vote for you and do not acknowledge the existence of a chancellor of Europe. We, the subscribers of this open letter, write to you as free citizens. Citizens of a country you wish to visit on the next 12th of November, as well as citizens in solidarity with all the countries attacked by austerity. Due to the … Continue reading ┐ an unwelcome guest └

┐ Modern Battlefields └

@ Juan Manuel Serrano/Associated Press, more images here and here miners struggle for working conditions in Asturias, Spain. It’s been going on for weeks… You can read a personal account of what’s happening here “The total absence of limitation to the thirst for power which wants to hold everything under its thumb, even beyond all necessity, is only the expression of the absolute disappointment that the I feels when it realises that once in existence it is confined to share it with other beings and that the totality of existence is not its alone. A word from Nietzsche, ‘If there … Continue reading ┐ Modern Battlefields └