┐ Paola Zaccaria, Medi-terranean Borderization └

“At the end of the 1990s, as a result of the diasporas produced by new wars and new forms of colonialism, boats, rubber dinghies, and wornout ships started sailing in the direction opposite to that of colonial times: people emigrating from North Africa steered toward the closest Mediterranean shores, especially to the Italian island of Lampedusa, the southern gate to Fortress Europe. The reaction of the European nations in the Mediterranean region has been to erect a series of virtual yet impenetrable walls and borders, all created in the name of sovereignty, thus violating the international agreement on human rights … Continue reading ┐ Paola Zaccaria, Medi-terranean Borderization └

┐ Jason Florio └

© Jason Florio, KNLA – Karen National Liberation Army freedom fighter (left) + KNLA fighter carrying wood (right), from the series Burma, from the project Blackout History © Jason Florio, Karen Civilians, from the series Burma, from the project Blackout History © Jason Florio, KNLA – Karen National Liberation Army cook with bamboo water jugs on his back (left) + KNLA – Karen National Liberation Army fighter (right), from the series Burma, from the project Blackout History “For 62 years, in what is now the world’s longest ongoing conflict, the ill-fed and ill-equipped people of Karen have been fighting for … Continue reading ┐ Jason Florio └

┐ Ian van Coller └

© Ian van Coller, Daisy Angy Kekae (left), from the series Collage Portraits, 2009 “This series combines several influences that have personally been relevant to my art-making process. The work grew out of my experimentation with the use of quilting techniques based on traditions from Africa and Gees Bend, Alabama as a way to tell stories and record oral histories. The manner in which individuals in these portrait collages are presented, was heavily influenced by posters from the period of resistance against apartheid in South Africa. The union posters are now iconic examples of the strong printmaking tradition that grew … Continue reading ┐ Ian van Coller └

┐ Zanele Muholi #2 └

© Zanele Muholi, Lesedi Modise, Mafikeng, North West, 2010, from the series Faces and Phases “In the face of all the challenges our community encounters daily, I embarked on a journey of visual activism to ensure that there is black queer visibility. Faces and Phases is about our histories and the struggles that we face. Faces express the person, and Phases signify the transition from one stage of sexuality or gender expression and experience to another. Faces is also about the face-to-face confrontation between myself as the photographer/activist and the many lesbians, women and transmen I have interacted with from … Continue reading ┐ Zanele Muholi #2 └

┐ Julian Röder – Exit Africa └

or how I would call it: Turned by love: the ignorance and fragility of a national socialist mind. I can´t recall whose phrase this is but it goes something like this: Ignorance can be overcome by reading and racism is overcome by traveling. I agree, it can be as simple as that. @ Julian Röder, Nick W. Greger with his girlfriend Auntie, Gambia, December 2011 @ Julian Röder, Nick W. Greger’s dog, Nick’s girlfriend Auntie named him “Hitler” Nick Greger has a Nazi Storm Trooper and the map of the German Empire tattooed on his forearm. Since he was 12, … Continue reading ┐ Julian Röder – Exit Africa └