٠ Botched Taxidermy – ‘artists’ using animals ٠

Miguel Suarez, Chicken-Killing Performance, Alberta, Canada, 2013. More about it here How does the animal function as a kind of tool for allowing humans to think through their own identities? It seems that a lot of artists you’re writing about are trying to envision a very far-out point in the dispersal of fixed identities, to the point at which identities disappear. There are several points that are raised there. In terms of moving beyond identities, I think you’re right in saying that there doesn’t appear to be a fixed point towards which one could move. Certainly the way in which, … Continue reading ٠ Botched Taxidermy – ‘artists’ using animals ٠

٠ I say whip it, whip it good ٠

“R e s i s t a n t   v i s u a l   c u l t r e  is not about art or traditional activism. It is a method for building a real, living culture. As opposed to a vocation or sentimental pursuit, I think of this field as a way to productively communicate amongst those who are dedicated to social change. It is not about further investigating art history nor about tactics for getting into galleries. If this sounds naively vague that is on purpose. I don’t think we need to be specific and I … Continue reading ٠ I say whip it, whip it good ٠

┐ Francis McKee went to Istanbul └

At the moment (11th June 2013; 1pm) in Istanbul, the police is trying to clear out Taksim square with water canons and tear gas. Protesters are putting up a fight, setting up more and more barricades and lightning some points on fire. “30 lawyers protesting against handling of Gezi protests detained in front of courtroom in Istanbul” One of the lawyers tweeted (Ismail Demirci): “We’re kept under custody in a lawless way right now. Nothing written, no order, no written proceedings, not even water until our friends arrived.” Police tried to enter the park but had to withdraw. It seems … Continue reading ┐ Francis McKee went to Istanbul └

┐ The word is: COMPROMISE └

© Richard Long, A Line made by Walking, 1967. IF YOU CHOOSE TO WALK THE LINE, JUST WALK THE LINE still from the documentary Robinson in Ruins, by Patrick Keiller. IF YOU CHOOSE TO WANDER, JUST WANDER © Heath Bunting, Natural reality – SuperWeed Kit that kills all GM crops IF YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN LAW, JUST FOLLOW YOUR OWN LAW © Joseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965 IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACT, JUST ACT © Joseph Beuys, The Silence of Marchel Duchamp is Overrated, 1964 IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE SILENCE, USE … Continue reading ┐ The word is: COMPROMISE └

┐ Ahmet Ögüt, Mind the System └

“I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.” -Malcolm X © Ahmet Ögüt, from the project Stones to throw, 2011 © Ahmet Ögüt, from the project Stones to throw, 2011 © Ahmet Ögüt,Strategic Diagram for Non-hierarchical Participatory Radical Democracy, 2011. In: Mind the System, Find the Gap More of Ahmet’s work here Continue reading ┐ Ahmet Ögüt, Mind the System └

┐ Johann Rousselot └

© Johann Rousselot, Degage espece de chien. Benghazi, Libye, Mars 2011 © Johann Rousselot, Massacre d’innocents – Liberte – Sois patient Khadafi, tu es en train de creuser ta tombe. Benghazi, Libye, Mars 2011. © Johann Rousselot, Maintenant je suis un humain libre – La grace de dieu pour les martyrs du 17 fevrier. Benghazi, Libye, Mars 2011. These photographs from Libya are part of a bigger project, called Colères. Note from the author: “Portraits réalisés à Benghazi et vers la ligne de front à Brega. Tous les graffitis et slogans ont été trouvés sur les murs de la ville … Continue reading ┐ Johann Rousselot └

┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

“We have entered La ZAD (Zone A Défendre) – Europe’s largest postcapitalist protest camp – a kind of rural occupy on the eastern edge of Brittany, half and hour’s drive from the city of Nantes.  Like a rebel constellation spread across 4000 acres of forest, farmland and marshes, it takes the form of old squatted farms and fields, DIY strawbale houses, upcycled sheds, theatres and bars cobbled from industrial pallets, hobbit like round houses, cute cabins built with the worlds waste, huts perched frighteningly high in trees and a multitude of other disobedient architectural fantasies. La ZAD has been a … Continue reading ┐ A Prototype for the Futture – la ZAD – 17th November 2012 └

┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

© Tinkebell, Brutus with Idiot, photo printed as a poster, made in collaboration with Mirjam Muller, with special thanks to the idiots © Tinkebell, Her name is Sarah, performance (the animal is used as a commodity article: as part of an individuals carefully build image and ego, rather then being acknowledged as a being with own needs and characteristics.) © Tinkebell, Saving a Broiler, installation (Saving the broiler was part of an installation in which the animal of just a few weeks old got the most perfect habitat the artist could think of.) © The Idiots, DON’T WORRY WE’LL STRAIGHTEN … Continue reading ┐ when a cause turns into thoughtless hypocrisy* └

┐ What is Pussy Riot’s ‘Idea’? – Maria Chehonadskih └

knitting patterns via poppalina article in the latest issue of Radical Philosophy. A must read! pdf here:che_pussy_riot The dark side of the Pussy Riot multitude is an extreme individualism, manifest in the gesture of the removed balaclavas, behind which a unique ‘Russianness’ appears: first, the face of the leader, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova; second, dissident moralism, spirituality and asceticism – the brand identity of Russian revolutionaries since the populist movement of the nineteenth century; and third, the visibility of the local art and intellectual scenes as such. Tolokonnikova wrote: The people that I have had the chance to work with during my … Continue reading ┐ What is Pussy Riot’s ‘Idea’? – Maria Chehonadskih └

┐ “a terra é de quem a trabalha, os fascistas comem palha” └

yesterday, in Portugal. some thoughts on what is changing amidst the sort of protests we create here (pt). Also, just for foreigners, a brief description of the events via BBC. I don’t feel like elaborating on what’s happened just now. I’ll come back once my film is processed to share some images. For now a glimpse through the eyes of another: © D.R. © Ângelo Lucas/Global Imagens © Patrícia de Melo Moreira/AFP Continue reading ┐ “a terra é de quem a trabalha, os fascistas comem palha” └

┐ we’re all in deep shit IX └

We’re all in deep shit but at least in Portugal, TODAY, we know what to do! “As Pedro Passos Coelho, Portugal’s center-right prime minister, prepares to announce a new budget on Monday — filled with still more steep tax increases and public sector job cuts — he faces the kind of popular backlash that was, until recently, absent from the political and social landscape here. Taking a page from the playbook of their Spanish neighbors, Portuguese protesters are planning to encircle the Parliament building here in the capital for the budget announcement.” excerpt from the article Austerity Protests Are Rude … Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit IX └

┐ We Won’t Fly For Art └

The insights of American anarchist ecologist Murray Bookchin into environmental crisis hinge on a social conception of ecology that problematises the role of domination in culture. His ideas are becoming increasingly relevant to those working with digital technologies in the post-industrial information age, as big business daily develops new tools and techniques to exploit our sociality across high-speed networks (digital and physical). According to Bookchin, our fragile ecological state is bound up with a social pathology. Hierarchical systems and class relationships so thoroughly permeate contemporary human society that the idea of dominating each other and the environment (in order to … Continue reading ┐ We Won’t Fly For Art └

┐ Zanele Muholi #2 └

© Zanele Muholi, Lesedi Modise, Mafikeng, North West, 2010, from the series Faces and Phases “In the face of all the challenges our community encounters daily, I embarked on a journey of visual activism to ensure that there is black queer visibility. Faces and Phases is about our histories and the struggles that we face. Faces express the person, and Phases signify the transition from one stage of sexuality or gender expression and experience to another. Faces is also about the face-to-face confrontation between myself as the photographer/activist and the many lesbians, women and transmen I have interacted with from … Continue reading ┐ Zanele Muholi #2 └

┐ Calais: this border kills └

@ Julie Rebouillat,No Border Calais, manif, 27 June 2009 Refugees in Calais find shelter where they can, in spaces left abandoned or neglected by French citizens. Some sleep in the park or under the canal bridges. Most live in one of two kinds of dwellings: (a) squats in deserted buildings, of which there are many in the post-industrial landscape of the town; and (b) the ‘jungles’ or camps made up of tents and makeshift shelters on disused sites and wasteland, usually around the outskirts of the town. These settlements are not just shelters, but homes. Here people sleep; eat; sit … Continue reading ┐ Calais: this border kills └

┐ Oliver Ressler └

© Oliver Ressler, from the series We have a situation here, 2011 © Oliver Ressler, from the series We have a situation here, 2011 “We have a situation here” is a standard line in disaster films when an actor faces a challenging situation. The three photographs show people lying on top of each other and recognizably dressed as managers, police and soldiers. The piles of managers, police officers and soldiers give the impression that these central players in the exercise of power are no longer necessary. Their game is over. Managers of large corporations have for decades used their influence … Continue reading ┐ Oliver Ressler └

┐ Alain Badiou └

Does the notion of activist art still have meaning? A Lacanian Ink Event – Miguel Abreu Gallery – NYC, 10/13/2010 – video by Katherine Pickard “Does the Notion of Activist Art Still Have Meaning? Is it still possible to propose a general definition of a militant vision of artistic creation? Alain Badiou proposes a work of art which is in relationship to local transformations and experiences, which is intellectually ambitious and which is formally avant-garde in the classical sense of the substitution of presentation for an ornamental vision of representation.” excerpt of a text taken from here This and more … Continue reading ┐ Alain Badiou └