┐ Sara Rahbar └

© Sara Rahbar, Untitled, from the series Love arrived & How red, photography, 2008 © Sara Rahbar, Trapped in Dark Night with Nowhere to Run, I Have Died a Million Times Every Night in this Bed (left) + Kurdistan Flag #5 (right), from the series Flags, mixed media + textiles, 2005-2010 © Sara Rahbar, Solitary (left) + Anonymously yours (right), from the series Confessions of a Sinner, mixed media, 2011/12 Rahbar seems to meditate on the flag like a monk would stare at an icon. “It represents my father and so many, many promises and hopes of tomorrow … It … Continue reading ┐ Sara Rahbar └

┐ Kirsten Hoving └

© Kirsten Hoving, Birth of the star system, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Music of the Spheres, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Orion, the Hunter, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Cassiopeia, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 “Night Wanderers is a series of photographs envisioning the cosmos. I photograph objects and nineteenth-century photographs frozen in or placed under disks of ice to create the feeling of galactic swirls of stars, galaxies and spiral nebulae. For this series, I have been influenced not by the work of other photographers, … Continue reading ┐ Kirsten Hoving └

┐ Scott Alario └

© Scott Alario, all Untitled, from the project Our Fable “I’m in the process of building a folk tale for my daughter. It is a paternal inevitability to make up stories for one’s children, and for me, doing so has recently become the passion in my creative practice. There are two photographs I remember from my childhood that play directly into this work. The first is a studio portrait of my father’s mother, made immediately before leaving Italy to immigrate to the United States. We would call the photograph the “gypsy picture” while I was growing up, and in doing … Continue reading ┐ Scott Alario └

┐ The Aesthetics of Vandalism – the consequences of having no consequences └

the twenty mugshots of Black Bloc protesters arrested Saturday in San Francisco. The detained protesters are now facing charges of conspiracy, riot, refusing to obey a lawful order from a police officer and resisting, delaying and obstructing a police officer, and assault and battery on a police officer. The bail for each person is VERY high, from $36,000 to 51,000. more details here (…)Gentrification is all about private property and the primacy of property rights over human needs in a market society. Vandalism of the property of wealthy invaders is an organic automatic response to the threat of dispossession gentrification … Continue reading ┐ The Aesthetics of Vandalism – the consequences of having no consequences └

┐ Anne Collier └

© Anne Collier, Questions (Viewpoint), 2011 © Anne Collier, Questions (Evidence), 2011 © Anne Collier, Questions (Connection), 2011 “I only work in the studio and use a large-format plate camera. It’s a very laborious process that allows almost no room for improvisation. Everything has to be perfectly aligned and calibrated. I’m typically photographing things that are two-dimensional: book and magazine covers, record sleeves, film stills, etc. or objects that have very little physical depth such as the developing trays or audio cassette tapes. I’m interested in this flatness. My approach to making images is very influenced – and informed – … Continue reading ┐ Anne Collier └

┐ Lucas Blalock └

© Lucas Blalock, Portrait Study (Nina), 2009 © Lucas Blalock, W.M.t.M.M.B.M, 2010 “I feel that in my own practice I use various strategies to alienate the viewer from the picture but the pictures figure as stand-ins for the world at large.(…) I don’t feel my work is particularly concerned w/ content except in terms of the kind of flexibility you have mentioned. When I say my pictures are “stand ins” I mean that I am interested in the photograph’s power to direct and focus attention. I feel that any strategy/category, whether documentary, studio, appropriated, abstract, snapshot or whatever greatly defines … Continue reading ┐ Lucas Blalock └

┐ Anne Leighton Massoni └

© Anne Leighton Massoni, Summer’s calling wishful pennies, from the series Holding Nancy © Anne Leighton Massoni, Woman wind woodard warehouse, from the series Holding Hila © Anne Leighton Massoni, My prom sunday promenade, from the series Holding Leighton “I’m interested in combining photographs i’ve made of empty spaces (spaces once inhabited or currently inhabited, but with no one present) with found photographs of times that no longer exist (images that are empty of personal memory) and then inking a thin line (in this case white) to draw a literal point of connection from one image to the next. the … Continue reading ┐ Anne Leighton Massoni └

┐ Devin Yalkin └

© Devin Yalkin, Untitled, from the series Hades (work in progress) © Devin Yalkin, Untitled, from the series Hades (work in progress) “In HADES Devin Yalkin is not so much photographing people, but rather the way they move in space, individually and collectively. He records the culmination in blurring faces, constantly changing gestures and melting bodies. The work suggests a series of illusions, the treacherousness of outward appearances. These are apparently images from a dream of an underworld, dark and gritty.” source: Noorderlicht Metropolis Photofestival More of Devin’s work here Continue reading ┐ Devin Yalkin └

┐ Kathleen Robbins └

© Kathleen Robbins, Untitled, from The Hostess Project “In an effort to further inhabit my grandmother’s memories as a young wife, I began an autobiographical, photographic record of my experiences with her recipe journal. This ongoing project is as much a social experiment as a nostalgic experience. I dress in her clothing, prepare meals based on her hand-written recipes, serve invited guests, and perform the role of hostess. I prepare dishes based on her hand-written instruction: her recipes. Aspics, croquettes, meatloaf with pickle and egg garnish . . . And I photograph the results. In all of my work, I … Continue reading ┐ Kathleen Robbins └

┐ Christina Z. Anderson └

© Christina Z. Anderson, Great Catch, from the series Family of Origin, 2009 © Christina Z. Anderson, Summer Sun, from the series Family of Origin, 2009 “Growing up the youngest in a family of 7 girls and 1 boy was a unique opportunity to be an observer of the social landscape, particularly of the female variety. In 2000 after the death of both parents, I became the archivist for my family of origin’s photographs. This archive includes both black and white and color images from the 1800’s to the 1980’s, about 25,000 images in all. Most of the images are damaged, … Continue reading ┐ Christina Z. Anderson └

┐ Aline Smithson └

© Aline Smithson, Untitked, from the series Daughter… © Aline Smithson, Untitked, from the series Daughter… © Aline Smithson, Untitked, from the series Daughter… “Daughter: As a photographer, I explore a variety of subjects, styles and processes, but the one consistent element in my photographic journey has been my daughter, Charlotte. As I continue to grow and explore as an artist, she continues to grow and explore as a person. Her willingness to participate in my work has been immeasurable. I look back at the past ten years, grateful to her for helping me realize my vision, but I am … Continue reading ┐ Aline Smithson └

┐ S. Gayle Stevens └

© S. Gayle Stevens, Walking, from the series Calligraphy, 2011 © S. Gayle Stevens, Cornucopia, from the series Calligraphy, 2011 Calligraphy: beautiful writing or drawing photography: light drawing taxonomy: the science of the classification of living things Calligraphy consists of a series of wet plate collodion tintype photograms of plant and animal specimens I have collected on my daily walks. Inspired by cabinets of curiosity, my collection contains diverse specimens such as leaf skeletons, snakeskins, wings and many toads, frogs and insects. I have always been inspired by the overlooked and these objects, which would normally be passed over, are … Continue reading ┐ S. Gayle Stevens └

┐ John Divola └

© John Divola, The Little Man, 1987-89 © John Divola, Rock Falling Through Water, View From The Bottom Of the Pond Looking Up, 1989 “This body of work is based on some personal observations about photographs. I am fascinated by the concept of the photograph as an impression from, or remnant of, that which it describes. To stretch a metaphor – the photograph as an object has an relationship to that which it represents something like the relationship the snake skin has to the snake that sheds it. The relationship of something dead to something living. I would like to … Continue reading ┐ John Divola └

║ Katie Koti ║

© Katie Koti, Tangle, from the series Asunder, 2008-current © Katie Koti, Fall, from the series Asunder, 2008-current “The images in my current project, “asunder”, reflect my continuing exploration of gender and its relationship to sexuality through the means of photography. The landscape works on various levels in my images. I use the landscape to seduce and engage the viewer with its beauty and textures. The landscape also acts as both an ambiguous form as well as a means to speak a shared and tangible language. The viewer can recognize the landscape as part of our world, it is ordinary … Continue reading ║ Katie Koti ║

║ Claire Martin ║

© Claire Martin, Untitled, from the series Slab City © Claire Martin, Untitled, from the series Slab City “Slab City has been created by a small but committed community of squatters in the Colorado Desert of South Eastern California, USA. Taking its name from the concrete slabs that remain from an abandoned World War II base, it is a tragic yet romantic landscape that commands its residents to possess the same balance of beauty and beast. Unbearable temperature highs in summer weed out the many who inhabit the free space in winter leaving only the most resilient, or the most … Continue reading ║ Claire Martin ║

║ Augusta Wood ║

© Augusta Wood, Sesame Street, from the series I have only what I remember , 1980/ 2008 © Augusta Wood, Planting Geraniums, from the series I have only what I remember , 1987/ 2008 “Augusta Wood explores the persistence of memory, and the ways in which imagery and text can interact to shape meaning of experience. (…) Her latest series I have only what I remember (2009) investigates further the ways photography can elicit meaning from the personal archive that is memory. Revisiting the center of her early life, Wood projects into the empty rooms of her grandparents’ former home … Continue reading ║ Augusta Wood ║

║ Matt Lipps ║

© Matt Lipps, Untitled (hallway), from the Home series, 2008 © Matt Lipps, Untitled (garage wall), from the Home series, 2008 “In his radical reassembly of photographic imagery, Matt Lipps exploits appropriation’s inherent possibilities for generating new relationships and meaning. His recent series Home (2008) depicts contoured cut-outs of Ansel Adams’ pristine, monumental landscapes, affixed to cardboard backing and propped on a tabletop before backgrounds comprised of multi-toned photographs of the artist’s childhood home. Casting the cutouts into sharp relief, the resulting shadows heighten a sense of material process—the precise black-and white printing of the Modernist master contrasting with the … Continue reading ║ Matt Lipps ║

║ Tanya Marcuse ║

© Tanya Marcuse, Maximilian Helmet, c.1510, from the series Undergarments & Armor, 2002-2004 © Tanya Marcuse, Corset with Hip Pad, from the series Undergarments & Armor, 2002-2004 © Tanya Marcuse, Maximilian Armor, c.1510, from the series Undergarments & Armor, 2002-2004 “From the bizarre steatopygous forms of Victorian bustles to the haunting facial masks on medieval helmets, Tanya Marcuse has illuminated the complex relationship between body and clothes, with all the ambiguities this entails. — from the essay by Valerie Steele Since time immemorial, humans have sought to cover parts of their bodies, with materials ranging from animal skins to the … Continue reading ║ Tanya Marcuse ║

║ Elad Lassry ║

© Elad Lassry, Burmese Mother, Kittens, 2008 © Elad Lassry, Two wolves, 2008 “Rarely is there enough visual information in a photograph by Elad Lassry to quite tell what is going on in the picture. Thatʼs the reverse of what most photographs intend, dedicated as they typically are to delivering data selectively plucked from the quotidian world. Since we live in an engorged image-environment, where we are continuously hectored by photographs that purport to be telling us stuff, the subtle absence disorients. (…)” source: Knight, Christopher, “Photographs that ask questions” Los Angeles Times, October 16, 2009 More of Elad’s work … Continue reading ║ Elad Lassry ║

║ Patrick Millard ║

© Patrick Millard, Patience Within the Antechamber, from the series Formatting Gaia (stage ii), 2007 © Patrick Millard, Grounded Merge, from the series Formatting Gaia (stage ii), 2007 “The cycle between human beings and the natural world has been transformed into a new formation that inspires intricate modes of transmitting and receiving information. Through the development of modern technologies human beings have begun to unfold the possibilities of telematic and cybernetic systems of communication. Earth is no longer a simple exchange of biological entities, but a more complex system that employs digital signal to mediate our existence within it. Human … Continue reading ║ Patrick Millard ║

║ Molly Landreth ║

© Molly Landreth, Untitled, from the series Embodiment: a portrait of queer life in America, 2007 © Molly Landreth, Untitled, from the series Embodiment: a portrait of queer life in America, 2007 “This series of photographs is an archive and a journey through a rapidly changing community and the lives of people who bravely offer new visions of what it means to be young and queer today. It’s about love, the process of growing up into ones self and the complexity of relationships found between a diverse group of young people who playfully reveal unique and subtle shades of gender … Continue reading ║ Molly Landreth ║

║ Katherine Wolkoff ║

© Katherine Wolkoff, Untitled #2, from the series Growth and Despair, 2008 © Katherine Wolkoff, Untitled #1, from the series New Orleans, 2005 “The pictures entitled “Growth and Despair” were made during the last three months in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. In the three years since Hurricane Katrina, this neighborhood has become a confusing intersection of tourist destination and ghost town. As I walk through the empty house lots, I become disoriented by the verdant grasses and bucolic landscape, forgetting that I am in a place of recent destruction. The natural world has taken back the landscape, … Continue reading ║ Katherine Wolkoff ║