┐ Emile Barret – photography as an experience └

© Emile Barret, from the series Magnet3 © Emile Barret, from the series Magnet3 © Emile Barret, from the series La Vanité est un Plaisir des Reins © Emile Barret, from the series La Vanité est un Plaisir des Reins © Emile Barret, from the series La Disparition © Emile Barret, from the series La Disparition This MAN’s work is such a breath of fresh air I don’t even know which of his works not to post. Emile’s website here Continue reading ┐ Emile Barret – photography as an experience └

┐ Will Jennings └

© Will Jennings, Untitled, from the series Tumbling Blocks, 2011 “As an intuitive response to the sudden death of my mother last summer I walked down the Suffolk coast, reconsidering the landscape of my childhood through the eyes of an adult, mourner and artist. Concrete cubes sporadically emerged along the route, sole man-made interjections in a landscape of permanent flux. As I walked through fog they offered perspective, their staccato rhythm implied passing time, their angular form suggested a grid and attempted rationalisation of chaotic, uncontrollable nature. I read the cubes as monolithic stelae. Blank vessels into which I store … Continue reading ┐ Will Jennings └

┐ Adad Hannah └

© Adad Hannah, Safari #2, from the project Safari, 2011 “Safari is a collaboration between film director Denys Arcand and artist Adad Hannah produced for the exhibition Big Bang, which celebrates the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ 150th Anniversary and the opening of a new pavilion. The set for Safari is the Safari Seating Environment designed by the Florence based Archizoom Associati in 1968 and produced by Poltronova. Archizoom was founded by a group of architects and designers in 1966 and dissolved in 1974. Arcand and Hannah developed a 7-minute scene that takes place in the back of a nightclub … Continue reading ┐ Adad Hannah └

┐ Kirsten Hoving └

© Kirsten Hoving, Birth of the star system, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Music of the Spheres, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Orion, the Hunter, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 © Kirsten Hoving, Cassiopeia, from the series Night Wanderers, 2010 “Night Wanderers is a series of photographs envisioning the cosmos. I photograph objects and nineteenth-century photographs frozen in or placed under disks of ice to create the feeling of galactic swirls of stars, galaxies and spiral nebulae. For this series, I have been influenced not by the work of other photographers, … Continue reading ┐ Kirsten Hoving └

┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

© Inês Beja, The Roaring © Inês Beja, Untitled #3, from the series Jumping at Shadows Inês is a chameleon or, as she puts it, a shape-shifter. From my point of view what she is now is a creative force: obsessive, eager to learn, aiming for the perfect tool, the perfect dress, the perfect light, the perfect shot. I believe these are arguments enough to keep an eye on her and see where all this passion (borderline destructive force?) can take her. Her work made me think of a written piece of work, so instead of dragging on parallels between … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

┐ Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker └

© Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker, from the series Sleeping Through an Earthquake, India, 2011 © Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker, from the series Sleeping Through an Earthquake, India, 2011 © Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker, from the series Sleeping Through an Earthquake, India, 2011 © Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker, from the series Sleeping Through an Earthquake, India, 2011 © Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker, from the series Sleeping Through an Earthquake, India, 2011 More of this work here Continue reading ┐ Daniel Evans & Brendan Baker └

┐ Helga Härenstam └

© Helga Härenstam, The Gap, from the series The Society, 2006-2008 © Helga Härenstam, Jesus, from the series The Society, 2006-2008 The Society is a fictious documentary, trough which Helga Härenstam has been looking for and/or constructing environments, scenes and events, that are based on memories from the small society where she grew up. The people photographed in these series are Härenstam herself, her family and other people that she is close to. The series is a puzzle of pictures dealing with the borders between documentary and staged, the real and the unreal and the past and the present. The … Continue reading ┐ Helga Härenstam └

┐ Igor Grubić └

© Igor Grubić, from the project Angels with dirty Faces, 2006 © Igor Grubić, from the project Angels with dirty Faces, 2006 “Igor Grubic’s Angels with Dirty Faces is a photographic and video-based work that draws on an historic incident that happened in Belgrade in 2000. That October, the Kolubara miners staged a strike that eventually brought down the Miloševi´c regime, and sparked the end of socialism in Yugoslavia. At the time, the Kolubara mine was the largest supplier of lignite coal in Serbia, producing almost half of the country’s electricity. The strike was thus extremely important and the miners … Continue reading ┐ Igor Grubić └

┐ Lauren E. Simonutti └

© Lauren E. Simonutti, Manny and Josephine, 1999 Lauren passed away this April. An homage would be irrelevant compared to what she set off to uncover and offers us. Thank you for the enlightenment! A must see, hear and feel that reminds me of David Nebreda’s work, more than anything else due to the relation the author establishes with the work. Madness strips things down to their core. It takes everything and in exchange offers only more madness, and the occasional ability to see things that are not there….The problem with madness is that you can feel it coming but … Continue reading ┐ Lauren E. Simonutti └

┐ Ting Cheng └

@ Ting Cheng, Icy Yoga Lesson, 2012 @ Ting Cheng, Where is my home, 2009 excerpt from an interview by Alexandra Plesner, from Dazed Digital Dazed Digital: Your images give the impression of a dreamer, trying to escape this asylum called life. Why does this concept fascinate you so much? Ting Cheng: As human beings, we learn from playing, we gain experience through trying. While I am not particularly good at planning, I am the queen of playing and trying. Inside the game, we are the controller. We press and release. We continuously select and restart, trying to break through … Continue reading ┐ Ting Cheng └

┐ Neeta Madahar └

@ Neeta Madahar, Sustenance #95, 2003 @ Neeta Madahar, Sustenance #97, 2003 “Neeta Madahar’s subjects in Sustenance are quite ordinary—ordinary birds like finches, cardinals and blue jays. Her setting, too, is ordinary—her Boston backyard. But what makes this British artist’s work extraordinary is the sense of wonder and magic she creates despite these unexceptional circumstances. It was this push-pull of opposing forces—the ordinary and the extraordinary, the quotidian and the fantastic—that drew me into this stunning collection of fourteen photographs. (…) Birds are the perfect symbol for duality. They simultaneously belong to two worlds: Air and Land (and sometimes Water). … Continue reading ┐ Neeta Madahar └

┐ Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs └

@ Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, untitled, from the seriesLight of other days, 2009 DIRECT POSITIVE PHOTOGRAPHS, 20 X 24 CM EACH @ Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, untitled, from the seriesLight of other days, 2009 DIRECT POSITIVE PHOTOGRAPHS, 20 X 24 CM EACH In “End of an Era” Onorato and Krebs continue to explore the nature of perception, a theme that also distinguishes their most well-known photographic series to date, “The Great Unreal,” produced during their travels through the US. Their illusionistic visual universes and installations thrive on the interplay between the visible and invisible nature of illusion and … Continue reading ┐ Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs └

┐ Elise Victoria Louise Windsor └

@ Elise Victoria Louise Windsor, untitled, from the series mise en abyme @ Elise Victoria Louise Windsor, untitled, from the series mise en abyme “A champion of minimalism, visual artist Elise Windsor creates optical illusions that truly captivate the eye. Her three bodies of work leave you wondering: “How did she do that?” Without breaking any vows of secrecy (she’s an artist, dammit, not a magician) Elise reveals that all of her photographs are manipulated on-site: the result of origami, sculptures and mirrors. (…) With me it’s all about in-camera versus digital manipulation. So all of the shots with mirrors … Continue reading ┐ Elise Victoria Louise Windsor └

┐ Muga Miyahara └

© Yuki Onodera, Muga Miyahara, Increase, from the series Tokonoma © Yuki Onodera, Muga Miyahara, Fear, from the series Tokonoma “Japan photographer Muga Miyahara’s interpretation of tradition is most noteworthy in his works titled “Tokonoma”. The term refers to a built-in recessed space in a typical Japanese house, usually decorated with a calligraphic or pictorial scroll and an Ikebana flower arrangement. In Miyahara’s vision the Tokonoma becomes a stage presenting a cornucopia of different objects, inviting the viewer to explore a variety of ideas and thoughts. Although the arrangements are zen-like, very pure and simple, they have the effect of … Continue reading ┐ Muga Miyahara └

┐ Samuel Fosso └

© Samuel Fosso,La Bourgeoise, From the Series TA, 2007 © Samuel Fosso, Self-Portrait (as Liberated American Woman of the ’70s), 2007 “In every photograph the beautiful Fosso is subject, object and creator. Occasionally he includes other people, but their posture and placement relegates them to a secondary position. In one stagy, understated and slightly bizarre image, for example, Fosso, in large sunglasses autographs a book for an anonymous man, who inclines deferentially towards him. In other photographs, like an indifferent, latter-day and urbanised Narcissus, he’s pictured sitting or standing with himself through the magic of a double exposure. The shallow … Continue reading ┐ Samuel Fosso └

┐ Chen Wei └

© Chen Wei, Broken Aquarium, from the series Everyday, Scenery and Props, 2009 © Chen Wei, Idol behind the curtains, from the series Everyday, Scenery and Props, 2009 “The photography/installation works of 31-year old artist Chen Wei illustrate an intricate imagination fascinated with the eccentric and fanciful pursuits of early science, mathematics, alchemy, philosophers and madmen. Taxidermy, broken mirrors, melted wax, bats, bees, deserted bedrooms, and found objects become the artist’s tableau. With a meticulous attention to details, Chen Wei creates mesmerizing scenes that leave the viewer puzzled by their intricate narrative, fantastic visual impact and odd beauty. In some … Continue reading ┐ Chen Wei └

┐ Kevin Van Aelst └

I don’t usually post on photographers whose work is being highlighted by other photography bloggers, since people who visit this place are often the same. I like to offer something else, and for that I trust my own parallel research. There are times like this when I shred that “rule” to pieces given the impact the work has on me. Here’s Kevin’s work, found in Lenscratch © Kevin Van Aelst, Tragedies, 2009 © Kevin Van Aelst, Cemetery, 2010 Artist Kevin Van Aelst is not one to cry over spilled milk. More likely, Van Aelst has “spilled” the milk himself and … Continue reading ┐ Kevin Van Aelst └

┐ Jan von Holleben └

© Jan von Holleben, Untitled #14, from the series Mystery of Monsters, 2009 © Jan von Holleben, Untitled #15, from the series Mystery of Monsters, 2009 “Like amateur pornography, the pleasure of von Holleben’s work derives from its honesty. “People appreciate I’m not over-constructing an image: changing it in Photoshop 25 times, and their sense of reality alongside. I’m mucking around, but I’m not trying to cheat anyone (…) Play shapes von Holleben’s worldview – he sees it as a way to explore selfhood, relationships and ultimately reality. “Alongside Homo sapiens exists Homo ludens – the person who understands himself … Continue reading ┐ Jan von Holleben └

┐ Lucas Blalock └

© Lucas Blalock, Portrait Study (Nina), 2009 © Lucas Blalock, W.M.t.M.M.B.M, 2010 “I feel that in my own practice I use various strategies to alienate the viewer from the picture but the pictures figure as stand-ins for the world at large.(…) I don’t feel my work is particularly concerned w/ content except in terms of the kind of flexibility you have mentioned. When I say my pictures are “stand ins” I mean that I am interested in the photograph’s power to direct and focus attention. I feel that any strategy/category, whether documentary, studio, appropriated, abstract, snapshot or whatever greatly defines … Continue reading ┐ Lucas Blalock └

┐ Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge └

© Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, 1909, from the series Work in Progress, 1980 © Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, 1956, from the series Work in Progress, 1980 “Work in Progress is a short history of working women from 1909 to 1979. Each decade is represented by a different woman posed in a kitchen in which the props change with each period. Each image has a window into which a documentary photo indicates the politics of the period, a calendar that indicates the predominant type of work in which women were employed and a family photo that indicates the family … Continue reading ┐ Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge └

┐ Tim Roda └

© Tim Roda, Untitled #24, 2004 © Tim Roda, Untitled #138, 2007 “I started using photography, not for the love of the technical aspects of the medium, but because of its properties, both abstract and physical. It is the only medium I can use to best depict my vision of life, art and time. Although the final product is a photograph, the work casually travels within arenas of installation, photography, film and performance. A camera is used to record one moment in time that balances between memories and constructed commentaries, yet is a documentation of “real” events for my wife, … Continue reading ┐ Tim Roda └

┐ Brendan George Ko └

© Brendan George Ko, Ablution, from the series The Barking Wall, 2010-11 © Brendan George Ko, Tomb, from the series The Barking Wall, 2010-11 I remember as a kid I used to cover my face with my hands, and peek at the world through my fingers. I could see the world, but the world couldn’t see me. Nowadays I find myself assimulating with the hybrid, a creature I share a betwixt nature with, for we are both between two worlds, having multiple origins, and demand our own realm, such as a gothic castle, a tomb, or limbo to serve as … Continue reading ┐ Brendan George Ko └

┐ Raquel Mendes └

© Raquel Mendes, Untitled, 2006 © Raquel Mendes, Still Life I, 2007 How often do we speak of nakedness as if it were a kind of truth, the naked truth? “Why do those who abandon clothes to pursue their leisure and recreation call themselves naturists? Are nakedness, nature and truth inseparable? Stripping naked, Georges Bataille wrote, “offers a contrast to self-possession, to discontinuous existence, in other words. It is a state of communication revealing a quest for a possible continuance of being beyond the confines of the self. Bodies open out to a state of continuity through secret channels ….” … Continue reading ┐ Raquel Mendes └

┐ Birgit Jürgenssen └

© Birgit Jürgenssen, Hausfrauen – Küchenschürze, 1975 © Birgit Jürgenssen, Hhne Titel, 1979 © Birgit Jürgenssen, Gladiatorin, 1980 “Other artists of the feminist avant-garde, such as Hannah Wilke, Eleanor Antin and the abovementioned Martha Rosler went even further and were even more radical in their critique on the domestication of women within marriage. With the help of performance, video, installation or photography they protested against a housewife’s fate as a cleaning lady, cook and “prostitute” – as a cheap labour and at any times disposal for the husband. Taking into account that these gender conceptions were widespread cultural and normative … Continue reading ┐ Birgit Jürgenssen └