┐ an unwelcome guest └

© REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis, A masked protester holds a metal bar during a violent demonstration in Syntagma square in central Athens OPEN LETTER TO ANGELA MERKEL Dear chancellor Merkel, We start by saying we address you only as chancellor of Germany. We did not vote for you and do not acknowledge the existence of a chancellor of Europe. We, the subscribers of this open letter, write to you as free citizens. Citizens of a country you wish to visit on the next 12th of November, as well as citizens in solidarity with all the countries attacked by austerity. Due to the … Continue reading ┐ an unwelcome guest └

┐ we’re all in deep shit X – no room for laughter └

If there was any doubt about the sort of actions these scumbags from the golden dawn are promoting here is the video The latest public opinion survey gives a lead to left-wing SYRIZA towards Nea Dimocratia, while Antonis Samaras is still considered as “best Prime Minister”. Neo-nazi Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) gets the third place in the respondents’ preference. Wake up before it’s too late “In Portugal they’re rioting over one measure when here we’ve been made to accept countless cuts and tax increases. And the worst thing about being ground down is that it breeds extremism,” said the silver-haired … Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit X – no room for laughter └

┐ we’re all in deep shit VIII └

still from Dogtooth In Greece, Police decided to ban all forms of gatherings and demonstrations happening tomorrow, October 9th, between 9am and 10pm in downtown Athens for the fat queen’s coming to town. It’s just as saying: I’m sorry, democracy is down for the moment, we’ll be back in a few hours… This is not going to go well with the Greeks. Beware, they bite! Live news of the Eurozone crises via The Guardian Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit VIII └

┐ “ how is it possible to be making art in the middle of a shit storm?” └

© Theodore Wan, Bridine Scrub (For General Surgery), 1977 (…) Therefore, when contemporary art or contemporary art theory uses terms of contemporary liberal democracy, a meaningless democracy given that the only right surviving today in fact is the right to dominance (I have the right to assert dominance, power), then, in reality, (art) does nothing but preserving the same system that creates it, doubting only on-demand. Such a characteristic example is the recent exhibition organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, “Art and Nature” by which it actually legalizes – through a much-promoted event with … Continue reading ┐ “ how is it possible to be making art in the middle of a shit storm?” └

┐ Slavoj Zizek: all we are saying is give Greece a chance└

You come home in the evening, tired, you put on tv some stupid show like Cheers or Friends and you just sit and the tv even laughs for you. And, unfortunately, it works That’s how those in power, the European establishment, want to see – not only Greek people but all of us – just staring at the screen and observe how the others are doing the dreaming, crying and laughing. Continue reading ┐ Slavoj Zizek: all we are saying is give Greece a chance└

┐ The police, Brecht and the Greeks └

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest him.” Bertold Brecht In a letter obtained by Reuters Friday, the Federation of Greek Police accused the officials of “…blackmail, covertly abolishing or eroding democracy and national sovereignty” and said one target of its warrants would be the IMF’s top official for Greece, Poul Thomsen. The threat is largely symbolic since legal experts say a judge must first authorize such warrants, but it shows the depth of anger against foreign lenders who have demanded drastic wage and pension cuts in exchange for funds … Continue reading ┐ The police, Brecht and the Greeks └

┐ Zoe Hatziyannaki └

© Zoe Hatziyannaki, The Parliament, from the series Secrets & Crises, 2010-20111 © Zoe Hatziyannaki, Police Headquarters, from the series Secrets & Crises, 2010-20111 “The photographs on the left side of the diptychs portray public/State buildings in Athens, Greece. The images on the right are enlarged window details taken from the buildings’ photographs. The juxtapositions of the two images seek to suggest the questionable role of the State and its institutions today in Greece. A role which is seriously disputed under the current crisis. Public buildings stand as symbols of this crisis: they attract the rage of the protesters, they … Continue reading ┐ Zoe Hatziyannaki └

┐ Angelos Tzortzinis └

Greece: Post #2 Kanellos, the Greek protest dog © Angelos Tzortzinis, from the series Greece Economy crisis © Angelos Tzortzinis, from the series Greece Economy crisis “The economic crisis in Greece has sparked riots and violent reactions. Massive protests broke out against severe government spending cuts aimed at saving the country from economic collapse. Thousands of people march through central Athens protesting government plans to impose new spending cuts to save the country from bankruptcy. The protesters chanted in the streets as squads of riot police with stun grenades, tear gas and arrests attempt to enforce discipline.” More of Angelos’ … Continue reading ┐ Angelos Tzortzinis └