┐ Eiffel Chong └

© Eiffel Chong, Untitled, from the series Royal Malaysia Police “I came across an abandoned police station and found identity photographs of the police personnel being scattered around. Most of them still look good, except for a layer of dust on top of the photographs. However, there were some that have been destroyed by the harsh weather in Malaysia. I found them to be interesting. Some look uncanny. It made me wonder why would these photographs being abandoned seeing that they are photographs used for identification. Looking at these photographs, it reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s fiction ‘Picture of Dorian … Continue reading ┐ Eiffel Chong └

┐ roots & fruits #10 – Cláudio Ferreira └

© Cláudio Ferreira, all Untitled, from the series Space Project nº 1 – Galaxies, 2012 “And yet, the absence of the subject does not have to be interpreted as a deficiency. Quite the opposite, it could indicate a new quality in the revolution, in a henceforth molecular revolution, and the primacy of multiplicity within it. When the subject is missing, it has not just gone amiss, as a gap (still) gaping and begging to get closed. In view of the composition of the molecular revolution there is no need for unification, or for the representation of a unified (class) subject … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #10 – Cláudio Ferreira └

┐ Bill Durgin └

© Bill Durhin, Untitked, from the series Nudes and Still Lifes © Bill Durhin, Untitked, from the series Nudes and Still Lifes “Nudes and Still Lifes is a series of photographs that reverberate between the languages of attraction and abjection, painting and performance, photography and sculpture. While specific poses riff on gestures and peripheral details from the works of Lehman, Corbet, Gerome, Belmer, and Bacon, the exquisite distortion of the figures attempts an undoing of recognizable form. For the Nudes images I work with dancers, models, and my own body to choreograph shapes through contortion and perspective. Resisting traditional views … Continue reading ┐ Bill Durgin └