┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

all images © Austin Young, from Machine Project, Hammer Museum. “Tranimal…Young’s new endeavor – a collaboration with Squeaky Blonde and Fade-Dra, is infused with the artist’s high voltage underground creative energy. Tranimal is a big and bold project. It incorporates video, photography, and interactive sound design. And its taking performance art to an operatic level. (…) Participants are put through an assembly line where Squeaky Blonde, Fade-Dra , Young costume them, make-them up and turn them into a cast of glamorous, genderless creatures. Mark Allen, director of Machine Project, makes light sensitive circuitry boards that are sewn into theor costumes. … Continue reading ┐ Tranimal – Hybrids before Photoshop └

║ Clark & Pougnaud ║

© Clark & Pougnaud, Virginie, from the series Tribute to Edward Hopper, 2000 “We were fascinated by the composition, the lighting and the settings of Edward Hopper’s paintings. We were not aiming to reproduce his paintings by rather to let ourselves be inspired by them. We approached this reverently to avoid disturbing the apparent order. We chose actors to pose for these photographs because they know how to bring life to immobility and also because our sets resemble stage sets.” Clark & Pougnaud © Clark & Pougnaud, Storyville, from the series Intimacy, 2003 “It may seem paradoxical to try to … Continue reading ║ Clark & Pougnaud ║

║ Gregory Crewdson ║

© Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, from the series Beneath the Roses, 2004 “Crewdson’s latest project falls into the tradition of classic American genres that explore the conflation of theater and everyday life. His tableaux, in their fine detail and focus on the perplexing psychology of vernacular America, evoke the paintings of Edward Hopper and the photographs of Walker Evans and Diane Arbus. At the same time, in their vast scope and relentless grip, Crewdson’s images inevitably bring to mind the world of film—particularly the work of Alfred Hitchcock, Douglas Sirk, and Terrence Malick. Indeed, Crewdson’s process and approach are patently cinematic. … Continue reading ║ Gregory Crewdson ║