┐ roots & fruits #9 – Miguel Godinho └

© Miguel Godinho, Untitled, from the series Esta é a minha família (This is my family), 2011 © Miguel Godinho, 38 years old (left) + 40 years old (right), from the series 16-06-1950, 2008 © Miguel Godinho, Untitled, from the series Family, 2005 © Miguel Godinho, Untitled (left + right), from the series Entre nós (Amongst us), 2010 Miguel Godinho’s (b. 1984) photography is not easy to describe, not because it is abstract, overly conceptualized or devoided of content, but because it is simple (albeit symbolic) and unpretentious. Miguel’s body of work fluctuates between intimate moments and a sterile portrait … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #9 – Miguel Godinho └

┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

© Inês Beja, The Roaring © Inês Beja, Untitled #3, from the series Jumping at Shadows Inês is a chameleon or, as she puts it, a shape-shifter. From my point of view what she is now is a creative force: obsessive, eager to learn, aiming for the perfect tool, the perfect dress, the perfect light, the perfect shot. I believe these are arguments enough to keep an eye on her and see where all this passion (borderline destructive force?) can take her. Her work made me think of a written piece of work, so instead of dragging on parallels between … Continue reading ┐ roots & fruits #7 – Inês Beja └

┐ Lara Jacinto └

© Lara Jacinto, Untitled © Lara Jacinto, Untitled As far as the public eye goes, this is our (Portuguese) new emerging photographer. Her images, on the realm of the documentary, have a lot of presence; they reveal intimacy and good awareness of the surroundings. Although not having a strong conductor, I’ll dare to say the thread amidst her work is the stylization of memories, absence, the loss of, the non appropriation of reality and non interference with its time. More of Lara’s work here Continue reading ┐ Lara Jacinto └

┐ Christina Z. Anderson └

© Christina Z. Anderson, Great Catch, from the series Family of Origin, 2009 © Christina Z. Anderson, Summer Sun, from the series Family of Origin, 2009 “Growing up the youngest in a family of 7 girls and 1 boy was a unique opportunity to be an observer of the social landscape, particularly of the female variety. In 2000 after the death of both parents, I became the archivist for my family of origin’s photographs. This archive includes both black and white and color images from the 1800’s to the 1980’s, about 25,000 images in all. Most of the images are damaged, … Continue reading ┐ Christina Z. Anderson └

┐ Chih-Chien Wang └

© Chih-Chien Wang, Banana skin on chair, from the Jelly Project #2, 2009 © Chih-Chien Wang, Feet with dry leaves, from the series The centre of the forest is a lake like mirror, 2005 © Chih-Chien Wang, Crabs, from the series The centre of the forest is a lake like mirror, 2005 “In his photographs, we have the impression of seeing time frozen in a process of research, of assemblages and minute maneuverings. The goal of which is, according to the artist, to ‘rediscover’ what is around him. To do this, Wang produces modest and efficient compositions that demonstrate an … Continue reading ┐ Chih-Chien Wang └

║ Sarah Mei Herman ║

© Sarah Mei Herman, Julian and Jonathan, from the series Jonathan and Julian, 2007 © Sarah Mei Herman, Julian and Jonathan, from the series Jonathan and Julian, 2009 “I am fascinated by relationships between people: The physical closeness or distance between them, and the importance of this physical proximity to others. I mainly focus on family intimacy, with a special interest in sibling relationships.My younger half-brother Jonathan is an important subject in my work: a nine-year-old boy who has the ability to completely withdraw into his inner world. Throughout the last few years I have been photographing Jonathan alone or … Continue reading ║ Sarah Mei Herman ║

║ Susan Worsham ║

© Susan Worsham, Lynn watching Dr. Phill, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia © Susan Worsham, Hearse in my childhood driveway, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia © Susan Worsham, Untitled, from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia “This series of photographs is taken in and around Virginia, the place in which I grew up. The title comes from a book written by my father’s ancestor, to show the lineage of the Fox family in Virginia. For my own purpose, it acts as a metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home. At … Continue reading ║ Susan Worsham ║

║ Peter Fraser ║

© Peter Fraser, Untitled, from the series 12 Day Journay, 1984 © Peter Fraser, Untitled, from the series 12 Day Journay, 1984 “I see photographs everywhere, like everyone else, nowadays; they come from the world to me, without my asking; they are only ‘images,’ their mode of appearance is heterogeneous…I realized that some provoked tiny jubilations, as if they referred to a stilled center, an erotic or lacerating value buried in myself (however harmless the subject matter may have appeared)…” So writes Roland Barthes, pointing out the way in which we have learned to see “photographically,” to frame, to snap, … Continue reading ║ Peter Fraser ║

║ Mari Hirata ║

© Mari Hirata, Heels Hoist #3, from the series Domestic Bliss, 2007 © Mari Hirata, The Pregnant Bride, from the series Domestic Bliss, 2007 “My Photographs talk about the unity of formality and informality. It is the combination of established procedure and order, with the notion of surrealism and visual puns. Progressing forward from the commencement of my photographic works, the White Shoe Series, evolves several works of an analogous kind, which similarly deals with the process of collecting, installing, and documenting objects of the same, multiplied components. After much exploration of various materials, I have come to revisit my … Continue reading ║ Mari Hirata ║

║ Mika Rottenberg ║

© Mika Rottenberg, Performance Still (PJ & Cheryl), from the series Performance Stills, 2008 © Mika Rottenberg, Performance Still (Raqui on Pete), from the series Performance Stills, 2008  © Mika Rottenberg, Performance Still (Kat legs & Torso), from the series Performance Stills, 2008 “Bodies, at once repulsive and sensual, larger-than-life and ever-so-ordinary, are vital to factories: their products appropriated; their shapes subsumed; their excretions packaged; their quirks put to work. Here is where the freakshow meets the sweatshop. Factories take on the features of cages and kitchens, their technology at once whimsical and industrial. A pinwheel spins. Dough rises. A bicycle chain ferries fingernails. … Continue reading ║ Mika Rottenberg ║

║ Shadi Ghadirian ║

 © Shadi Ghadirian, Domestic Life #4, from the series Like Every Day (Domestic Life), 2002  © Shadi Ghadirian, Domestic Life #7, from the series Like Every Day (Domestic Life), 2002 © Shadi Ghadirian, Domestic Life #13, from the series Like Every Day (Domestic Life), 2002 “Ghadirian made her Like Every Day Series after her marriage to fellow photographer, Peyman Hooshmand-zadeh. In this body of work, Ghadirian comments upon the daily repetitive routine to which many women find themselves consigned and by which many women are defined. Each of these color photographs depicts a figure draped in patterned fabric in place … Continue reading ║ Shadi Ghadirian ║

║ Sofia Silva ║

© Sofia Silva, Fiber Organic Memory, from the series Memory’s Architecture, 2009 (work in progress) © Sofia Silva, Losing Inner Heat, from the series Memory’s Architecture, 2009 (work in progress) “Although alcohol isn’t a medicine, it can provoke the sensation of regeneration and strength, distorting an impetus of momentary courage. At the same time we feel it kills our thirst and feed us, what it really does is to bring the blood to the surface of the skin, in fact impairing the functioning of all the organs able to emit the sensation of strength, heat, hunger or thirst. “Memory’s Architecture” … Continue reading ║ Sofia Silva ║

║ Paula Muhr ║

© Paula Muhr, Untitled #8, from the series MM, 2005 © Paula Muhr, Untitled #11, from the series MM, 2005 “The series explores issues relating to childhood memories, intimacy, and anxiety about the imminent future loss. Stark, often almost abstract images of my grandmother’s body, naked or in underwear, are combined with texts in which I express my memories of the childhood spent with her, re-tell anecdotes from her youth or describe her current habits. The interaction between the images of her aged body, presented in fragments, and the words which offer a very personal and, therefore, partial insight into … Continue reading ║ Paula Muhr ║

║ Lisa Lindvay ║

© Lisa Lindvay, Bottles under bed © Lisa Lindvay, Game Room “These photographs depict the lives of my father, sister and two brothers, as they take on the burden of my mother’s deteriorating mental state. This work represents an extended look at the physical and emotional currents within their home to question the sanctity of family life and domestic comfort.”Lisa Lindvay To vie more of Lisa’s work click here. Continue reading ║ Lisa Lindvay ║

║ Jessamyn Lovell ║

© Jessamyn Lovell, Family, 2003 from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions © Jessamyn Lovell, Klare Not Listening, 1999 from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions © Jessamyn Lovell, Mommy with phone, 1999from the series Catastrophe, Crisis and other Family Traditions “There is something about my family that brings me back. I just don’t want them to forget about me out here.I keep photographing the same place, the same people again and again. Roll after roll goes through my camera and so many questions still go unanswered.I can’t imagine my life without this project, but I … Continue reading ║ Jessamyn Lovell ║

║ Ville Lenkkeri ║

© Ville Lenkkeri, The Collected Works of Lenin, from the series The Place of No Roads © Ville Lenkkeri, Dead Domestic Plants II, from the series The Place of No Roads “Two Russian communities on Spitsbergen have had their times of bloom. Now one of them is a ghost town and also the other one is running out reasons and will to exist. In this series these towns are studied subjec-tively as cases of risen and fallen utopias. Photographed on Spitsbergen 2003-. Work in progress.”Ville Lenkkeri To see more of Ville’s work click here Continue reading ║ Ville Lenkkeri ║

║ Maarit Hohteri ║

© Maarit Hohteri, Roosa and Jussi in the kitchen, Helsinki 1999 © Maarit Hohteri, Mikko, sleep markings, 2001 “I document moments in my life by photographing people who are close to me. By means of photography, I seek to store my own and my friends’ feelings and observations about life and about being a human being. As I look at the pictures, I remember the changing flats, relationships, feelings of insecurity and my own fickle moods. Photography is also an attempt to arrange a seemingly random life into a whole; a story with a past, present and future.”Maarit Hohteri More … Continue reading ║ Maarit Hohteri ║

║ Martine Fougeron ║

© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête III, c.2007 © Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête IV, c.2007 “This work explores adolescence as a subliminal state, between childhood and adulthood, and between the feminine and the masculine. The portraits, naturally staged, explore the intrinsic interior quest of the adolescent’s journey. I noticed that most photographers portray adolescents as outsiders with a despairing outlook on their world and the world around them. This was not the perception I had of my sons’ lives. I was fascinated by the inquisitive energy, the intense inner quests, the fabulous dreams and ideals, which they exulted. I thought that a calmer, … Continue reading ║ Martine Fougeron ║

║ Henrik Duncker ║

© Henrik Duncker, Untitled #3, from the series Intiankatu 20, c.1990 © Henrik Duncker, Untitled #4, from the series Intiankatu 20, c.1990 “This series of mine is an early example of interactive, staged and acted documentary by students of the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. These are collaboration portraits of people in council flats – in address Intiankatu 20, Helsinki. For this series I tried to get the people involved in planning their picture as much as possible. The wooden houses on Intiankatu were donated by Sweden in the 1950’s and meant for temporary housing while waiting for … Continue reading ║ Henrik Duncker ║

║ Elina Brotherus ║

© Elina Brotherus, Le Printemps, from the series The New Painting, 2001 © Elina Brotherus, Scène Domestique, from the series The New Painting, 2001 “Elina Brotherus begins from her own experience: herself, those close to her, and the landscapes she knows. For her, photography’s ‘decisive moment’ is not a split second alignment of people and light, but a passage of time lasting anything from a few minutes to a few weeks. Her self-portraits tend to be made in moments of vulnerability, such as in the aftermath or low-ebb of a love affair. Although carefully staged in domestic settings flooded with … Continue reading ║ Elina Brotherus ║

║ Duarte Amaral Netto ║

© Duarte Amaral Netto, Growing Into © Duarte Amaral Netto, Rumor “In the new photographic series of works by Duarte Amaral Netto, the end of time seems near, doom and gloom awaits. Demolished office furniture in ruined interiors, by the hands of vandals maybe, or lvacated bya company now bankrupt or having moved to better locations. These photographs by Netto create a sense of nostalgia the seventies when all was still flourishing in that space.Another series of works is about people and their relationships. In these images one gets the same emotional feeling as with the photos with the demolished … Continue reading ║ Duarte Amaral Netto ║

║ Sarah Faus (Chicago Project – part IV) ║

© Sarah Faust, Pink Sleep © Sarah Faust, Chicago Bedroom, 2002 “The human body is a beautiful and fragile form. In photographing myself, and loved ones, in particular, my mother, I investigate it’s vulnerability, even it’s mortality. My images are moments of transition; memories of what may have been and artifacts of the ephemeral. In these psychological distillations, I attempt to reveal the complexities and the beauty of our human existence.”Sarah Faust To know more about Sarah Faust’s work click here Continue reading ║ Sarah Faus (Chicago Project – part IV) ║

║ Matthew Shain (Chicago Project – part III) ║

© Matthew Shain, Miscellaneous Debris, 2005 © Matthew Shain, Father/Son I, 2005 “Identity, relationships, distance, reflection, elegy, and humor are some of the themes in my work. I began thinking of these ideas while photographing my father for a project designed to portray our relationship, or rather, the implied distance on which it hinges. I realized that this space I was representing is a part of all relationships including our relationship with images. It is the distance of preservation and presentation. In other words, how the subject preserves him or herself in the artist’s presentation of the piece to a … Continue reading ║ Matthew Shain (Chicago Project – part III) ║

║ Amy Montali (Group Portrait – part V) ║

© Amy Montali, Martin, Palmer and Nora, 2003 © Amy Montali, Erin in the blue room, 2004 “These portraits and narrative fragments are produced with a large-format view camera, which requires a slow and formal approach. However, I try to shoot spontaneously as though I am on the street or at a birthday party. I like to fuse the seductive power of studio photography with the energy and emotion of a snapshot. The work is often collaborative and always improvisational. I choreograph scenes of varying complexity in order to explore real and fictitious relationships and to consider such subtexts as … Continue reading ║ Amy Montali (Group Portrait – part V) ║

║ Julie Blackmon (Group Portrait – part IV) ║

© Julie Blackmoon, Saturday, from the series Domestic Vacation, 2005 © Julie Blackmoon, Dinner Party, from the series Domestic Vacation, 2005 “I am the oldest of nine children and now the mother of three. In these photographs, I have explored the life of my family and the lives of my sisters and their families at home. These images are not documentary, but, in various ways, a re-creation of everyday moments that reflect not only our lives today, but as children growing up in a large family. The stress, the chaos, and the need to simultaneously escape and connect are issues … Continue reading ║ Julie Blackmon (Group Portrait – part IV) ║

║ Sage Sohier (Group Portrait – part III) ║

© Sage Sohier, Laine trying on Mum’s evening dresses, Washington D.C., 2004 © Sage Sohier, Pat and Mum discussing my haircut, Brookline, 2004 “This is a series about my mother as she ages, and my relationship with her, that I began to work on in a concerted way in 2000. For a brief period in her youth, my mother was a model, photographed by Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, and once on the cover of LIFE Magazine. As a child, I grew up as a witness to her beauty: I used to lie on her bed, with the dogs, and … Continue reading ║ Sage Sohier (Group Portrait – part III) ║