┐ Can a symbolic image become a code? └

This image is from yesterday’s official communication by the Portuguese PM about new austerity measures. It shows a reporter wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. I know it is symbolic but I like to imagine it could be a code, a message given to rise a sort of underground army. Yes, I know, sci-fi, maybe I’ve seen “The Fight Club” too many times, but we need to believe we can take this government down, or else we’ll go mental. In the climax of our national anthem it reads “às armas”, aux armes!!! It doesn’t get more symbolic than this. The video … Continue reading ┐ Can a symbolic image become a code? └

┐ we’re all in deep shit VI └

as published in the front cover of the Portuguese newspaper I. video of the happening here: “Celebrations to mark Portugal’s Republic Day took on an extra symbolic relevance when President Cavaco Silva unknowingly raised the country’s flag upside down. The internationally recognised signal of distress came on the last time October 5 will be deemed a public holiday having been abolished in an austerity measure.” Continue reading ┐ we’re all in deep shit VI └

┐ Direct Action └

© Javier Barbancho LEADERS of a workers’ union in southern Spain staged a massive raid on two supermarkets on Tuesday, filling at least 30 trolleys with staple foodstuffs to give to the poor. They gave their entire haul to local ‘food banks’ which supply hampers to families who no longer have any income to be able to feed themselves. The Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT), or workers’ union of the Andalucía region, staged an uninvited supermarket sweep on Mercadona in Écija (Sevilla) and Carrefour in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). Their misplaced Robin Hood impression annoyed management at Mercadona, a … Continue reading ┐ Direct Action └

┐ Slavoj Zizek: all we are saying is give Greece a chance└

You come home in the evening, tired, you put on tv some stupid show like Cheers or Friends and you just sit and the tv even laughs for you. And, unfortunately, it works That’s how those in power, the European establishment, want to see – not only Greek people but all of us – just staring at the screen and observe how the others are doing the dreaming, crying and laughing. Continue reading ┐ Slavoj Zizek: all we are saying is give Greece a chance└

┐ Blockupy – Frankfurt └

Transnational call to action in Frankfurt, May 16-19 * International solidarity in our common struggle * We are calling for massive protests in Frankfurt this May against the crisis regime of the European Union. We are activists representing a multitude of movements and struggles from different European countries and elsewhere, who have risen up in the past months and years to protest the assaults on our freedoms, jobs and livelihoods that have become fiercely intensified in the global crisis. We have joined together and shared our struggles and experiences, and we have realized that in a multitude of local forms, … Continue reading ┐ Blockupy – Frankfurt └