┐ one little, two little, three little fingers, how many do we need to pull? └

You people who read this blog know that it is unusual for me to make a post about something that I don’t like or to make a negative and/or non constructive criticism (even if by sublimation) about something that I first choose to display. I will, for once (?), use this author’s images in order to make a point: that hyper-formal-aesthetic-overlyexplicit-inyourface-photography is not the way to go, unless you’re in a reality show. This really is what I find pornographic in a lot of phtography-based works today – there is no punctum! all photographs © Mustafa Sabbagh Mustafa’s site is … Continue reading ┐ one little, two little, three little fingers, how many do we need to pull? └

┐ Davide Monteleone – Northern Caucasus └

© David Monteleone, Daghestan, Russia, 2009. Ghimri, during a bull sacrifice © David Monteleone, Republic of Ingushetia, 2010. Nazran, during a wedding © David Monteleone, Republic of Chechnya, 2010. Old portrait of Sheik Mansur and Sheik Artzanov “At first there was the Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg’s splendour, nobles’ dynasties set against commons far and distant, scattered on an unlimited country. Later on came communism’s turn, with its pyramidal hierarchy, its ideology imposed without any discussion for a “superior common good” that revealed itself utopian and elusive. Walls and curtains finally fell down, but renewal’s winds were broken off by the … Continue reading ┐ Davide Monteleone – Northern Caucasus └

┐ Christian Niccoli └

© Christian Niccoli © Christian Niccoli “As I was previously saying I am very interested in human needs and our will and necessity to relate to others. This is on one hand a more-than-finished issue, because it has repeated itself since humans have existed. On the other hand, each era and culture has dealt with it in it’s own way and this makes it unfinished.” source: Whitehot Magazine Christian’s work here Continue reading ┐ Christian Niccoli └

┐ Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh └

© Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh, la verità non esiste (the truth does not exist), 2005 © Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh, I won’t change the world If a man die it is because death has first possessed his imagination. But if he refuse death– no greater evil can befall him unless it be the death of love meet him in full career. Then indeed for him the light has gone out. But love and the imagination are of a piece, swift as the light to avoid destruction. So we come to watch time’s flight as we might watch summer lightning or fireflies, secure, … Continue reading ┐ Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh └

┐ Simone Donati └

© Simone Donati, Angela, Angelo and their 3 daughters having breakfast in the kitchen-living room made from an old stall. This is a temporary place before their new house will be ready, from the project Valley of Angels © Simone Donati, The three sisters, Hybla, Lua and Siria, outside the new house, from the project Valley of Angels © Simone Donati, Angelo setting up a cartoon on the computer for Hybla to watch, from the project Valley of Angels “Angelo and Angela have lived together in South-Eastern Sicily with their daughters Hybla, Lua and Siria, since 2005. They chose this … Continue reading ┐ Simone Donati └

║ Giorgio Barrera ║

© Giorgio Barrera, Untitled, from the series Through the window, 2009 © Giorgio Barrera, Untitled, from the series Through the window, 2009 © Giorgio Barrera, Window # 37-2, from the series Through the window, 2009 “There is something in photographs taken by Giorgio Barrera that irresistibly attracts our attention. The aesthetics are neat; the framing structure is clear, respecting emblematic models of architectures and landscapes we know well; the subject is clear and rich in details that are pleasant to linger on. These aspects however mislead us regards to the images easy interpretations, while without noticing what we see, it … Continue reading ║ Giorgio Barrera ║

║ Valentina Bonizzi ║

© Valentina Bonizzi, Untitled, from the series Work and Intimacy, 2009 © Valentina Bonizzi, Untitled, from the series Work and Intimacy, 2009 “This project is about Italian women who emmigrated to Scotland. The photography research presents the way they view their job as the bridge which connects them to Scottish society. It explores the intimacy within their own houses. A space where objects and colours travelled with them, giving a foundation to their identity.” Continue reading ║ Valentina Bonizzi ║

║ Jocelyn Lee ║

© Jocelyn Lee, Untitled (Kara standing), 2005, from the series Portraits © Jocelyn Lee, Untitled (Michelle and Lisa), 2006, from the series Portraits “I photograph portraits because I am curious about people, and our tenacious attempts to find meaning and direction in the world. I am particularly interested in how we reveal our vulnerability, which is not something our culture reinforces or encourages.My portraits are about the things people consider when they are alone or in between moments of inactivity and reflection: aging, illness, sex, the body, states of transition, our desire for connection, and the search for personal identity.”Jocelyn … Continue reading ║ Jocelyn Lee ║