┐ The Invisible Matter of Caleb Charland └

© Caleb Charland, Fibonacci’s Pendulum, 2011 © Caleb Charland, Orange Battery, 2012 “Recently one Sunday I spent the day at the kitchen table playing with oranges, copper wires and galvanized nails. My hope was that I could make this on going project work with a single piece of fruit. I tried cutting it into slices and wedges but that ever present voice in my head reminded me the SIMPLER IS BETTER. It only seemed logical to use the orange’s natural wedges as the cells for the battery. The wedges are held up-right with an armature of small wooden skewers. The … Continue reading ┐ The Invisible Matter of Caleb Charland └

┐ A discussion worth having └

Back at the SIP blog, Rotem Rozental posted about Richard Benari and Lauren Henkin’s collaborative project about the nature of photography. Their work, their questions, could be the starting point of a discussion always worth having. On their site, Richard Benari and Lauren Henkin made available some audio files where you can listen to them talking about essential questions concerning photography (though these are very very short and subjective ideas, don’t expect to hear something ground-breaking). Lauren and Richard talk about Influences and abstraction in photography, Creating Pictures and materiality, Removing narrative in photography, Influences, Minimalism, The importance of the … Continue reading ┐ A discussion worth having └

┐ Cooper & Gorfer └

© Cooper & Gorfer, from My Quiet of Gold © Cooper & Gorfer, from My Quiet of Gold © Cooper & Gorfer, from My Quiet of Gold © Cooper & Gorfer, from My Quiet of Gold “The artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer work at the intersection of contemporary photography with painting of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Their photographic installations move fluidly between reality and imagination, technical and artistic interpretation, and collective myth and personal narrative.(…) For their book My Quiet of Gold, Cooper and Gorfer traveled to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan to collect sagas and stories … Continue reading ┐ Cooper & Gorfer └

┐ Tokihiro Sato └

© Tokihiro Sato, #149, 1992 © Tokihiro Sato, #170 Manji, 1992 © Tokihiro Sato, Yura #339, 2001 “The Photo-Respiration series is Sato’s most well known work. When we approached him with our request for a cover photo, we were delighted to learn that he has been continuing to work on the series up until now, as the above 2008 image Shirakami #1 illustrates. Photo-respiration consists of two sub-streams, Breathing Light and Breathing Shadows. To make these photographs, Sato opens up the lens on his 8 x 10 camera for an extended exposure, sometimes up to three hours, and subsequently physically … Continue reading ┐ Tokihiro Sato └