┐ Rafael Lage – tupi or not tupi └

Rafael is documenting the life and struggle of street artisans in Brazil and mapping contemporary nomadic culture. To know more about his project and support it go here I am only interested in what’s not mine. The law of men. The law of the cannibal. We are tired of all those suspicious Catholic husbands in plays. Freud finished off the enigma of woman and the other recent psychological seers. What dominated over truth was clothing, an impermeable layer between the interior world and the exterior world. Reaction against people in clothes. The American cinema will tell us about this. (…) … Continue reading ┐ Rafael Lage – tupi or not tupi └

┐ Hélio Oiticica – Be marginal, Be a hero └

© Hélio Oiticica, Bólide Caixa  22, Mergulho no Corpo, 1966-1967 © Hélio Oiticica, Parangolé, 1964 © Hélio Oiticica, Seja Marginal, Seja Herói, 1968 © Hélio Oiticica, Tropicália PN 2 and PN3, de 1967 © Hélio Oiticica, Cosmococa 5 – Hendrix War Sorry but I couldn’t find the following text in English and it really is the one presenting the kind of analogy I wanted to call forward. It compares the work of Helio Oiticica with the work of Derek Jarman and it couldn’t be more poignant… “Caminhando pela exposição de Jarman em 97, chamou-me a atenção a fotografia de 1969 do … Continue reading ┐ Hélio Oiticica – Be marginal, Be a hero └

┐ Zlatko Kopljar └

© Zlatko Kopljar, from the series K11, 2007 © Zlatko Kopljar, from the series K11, 2007 Although Zlatko is known for his performances (his k9 compassion series leading the show), I hereby present two photographs from a series intended to dignify his fellow colleagues and artists who never aimed to be apart of the mainstream, to become a brand, to sell their art. Some of us borderline the idea of being marginal and/or being apart of the market. Apart from each one considerations, I do believe ethics and the strength of the work are above all. I publish these photographs … Continue reading ┐ Zlatko Kopljar └

┐ Alice Miceli └

© Alice Miceli, from the Chernobyl Project – The Invisible Stain, 2007-10 © Alice Miceli, from the Chernobyl Project – The Invisible Stain, 2007-10 “The project’s ambition is to create a radiographic series of images of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone depicting the most affected regions located on the Belarusian side of the border. These stunning images are imprinted by the invisible radiation that has contaminated the area since the disaster on 26 April 1986. Requiring the creation of specific technologies, including the development of auto-radiographic techniques and led-pinhole cameras, The Invisible Stain uses new processes in the field of photography … Continue reading ┐ Alice Miceli └

║ Rodrigo Braga ║

© Rodrigo Braga, Communion 1, from the series Communion, 2006 © Rodrigo Braga, Communion 3, from the series Communion, 2006 “From diverse works in such way made, result hybrid images, where distinct components become close to each other without never have being fully integrated in something unique. Images where the discomfort of the body in the world is not attenuated in no instant, being, in contrast, emphasized. In more recent works, however, the decisive proximity between culture and nature stops to be the obvious reference of Rodrigo Braga’s photographies to become an implicit question that motivates the work of the … Continue reading ║ Rodrigo Braga ║