© Cig Harvey, Untitled, from The Impossible Tasks series, 2005
© Cig Harvey, Untitled, from The Impossible Tasks series, 2005

“Harvey’s photographs stream from two series: Eyes Like Disappointed Lemons and The Impossible Tasks, and each contains a lone female figure positioned in unidentifiable locales. Fruits, bodies of water and segments of skin are photographed with beautiful simplicity, culminating in a pleasing visual stew. Mounted on the walls at exactly the same level between the ceiling and floor, each photo shares the same square dimensions. This encourages the eye to view the images as frame-by-frame movie stills. Viewers unravel a narrative—any narrative—from this storyboardlike presentation.
The model in these works is Harvey herself, and this is obviously another instance of an artist playing dress-up, but it echoes beyond authorship as both composer and figure. The figure is feminine, the spaces alternately familiar and foreign, dreamlike or real. But this could be any story—any person—and that quality is precisely what makes the work so appealing. The figure, props and environments combine to create saturated and strikingly beautiful compositions that resonate with a universal presence.”
Ebony Porter

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