© Cornelia Hediger, Untitled #13, from the series Doppelgänger


© Cornelia Hediger, Untitled #16, from the series Doppelgänger

The lush colors and ‘sweet’ dresses might draw the viewer into the image but then when you stand there for a while you might realize that there is something off and not quite right. Personally I’m more interested in a silent scream than having blood gushing all over the place. I do realize, however, that I’m walking a fine line and some of my images might be a bit over the top like the fish image (Doppelgänger 4-01-07). There is nothing subtle about this image and I can see how this would be a criticism. Some of the other images are more quiet and not as obvious and therefore perhaps more effective. I’m aware of the problems in each image, I spend a lot of time with them, and yet I decided to let the fish image live because it was honest at the moment when I created it. Perhaps the Doppelgänger series is a bit like my ‘creepy’ doll collection. The dolls look all sweet and innocent but deep down you know that they are up to no good, ha!”

excerpt of an interview by the cinemascapist. To read the full interview click here

To see more of Cornelia’s work click here

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