013b(baja)© Nicolás Lamas, Información paralela (Parallel Information), from La inconsistencia de lo visible, 2012. A scanned slide reveals a hypothetical universe generated by dust and mold accumulated on the film surface.

016005b© Nicolás Lamas, from Espacio de contingencia (Contingency Space), 2012

Contingency space is the gradual transformation of a physical space through different elements that are related at different levels of perception, language and meaning.

For this installation process, different objects, images and sounds constantly interact in a space that is taken as a laboratory for experimentation, recording and display of micro-events situations that are constantly changing. A scenario where both new elements and fragments of works that were part of my past projects, create a new network of semantic connections, and reformulating the meaning of its original conceptual basis.

Multiple possibilities of relationship between different information levels are linked in a common area. Through different visual and conceptual approaches connected, I will generate a conceptual mapping with differt poetic connections and reconsiderations of the rol of representation systems as constructor of what we know as reality.

JH023(baja)© Nicolás Lamas, Camera Obscura, from Fracturas (Fractures), 2012

The etymology of the word photography derives from the Greek: φως (phōs, «light»), and genitive γραφή (grafé, «representation by means of lines» or «drawing»), together meaning “drawing with light”; becomes the departure point for this piece.

A slide projector tray contain 82 square glasses. This glasses have been broken and projected each four seconds. The traces and signs generated by breaking a surface devoid of images transform the visual information of an empty frame.

terra incognita - nicolas lamas 7© Nicolás Lamas, from Ecos referenciales, 2012

[…] In Ecos referenciales, Nicolás Lamas manufactures its own mapping technique to represent a new territory that makes its way from the destruction of another. The grooves of a vinyl playing constantly obstructed by the wall waste generated sounds intervened concerning earthquakes, while new territory perpetuates their autonomy through the projection of his own image on the ruins that determined their origin. by Alejandra Osorio

000l© Nicolás Lamas, Imagen Congelada (Frozen Image), Ink jet printing and pencil on silver screen.

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