© Markus Henttonen, Garden, from the series Night Time Stories, 2008

© Markus Henttonen, Rooftop-party, from the series Night Time Stories, 2008

“My guiding principle as a photographer has been to explore and research people in public places and spaces. I photograph people in the urban city environment and the tension between those in night time.
Open public spaces and living environments affect people and change their behaviour accordingly. It depends upon what kind of social expectations are being imposed by the environment and how people agree or disagree with the expectations in their act.
The NightTimeStories continues a series of work conducted in the last 5 years. The series altogether create a visual platform for demonstrating the strangeness of our relation to the urban environment. In NightTimeStories the expression is more prepared and planned than before. Also a more narrative and reflective aesthetics is being applied. I’m aiming for a feel that the pictures tell a story of their own.”
Markus Henttonen

To view more of Markus’ work click here.

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