© Will Steacy, Edward, South Boston, 2007, from the series The Lament of Orpheus

© Will Steacy, Locker Room, San Antonio 2008, from the series The Lament of Orpheus”


“The boxing gym is one of the most spiritual places I have ever encountered. It’s a place where heaven and hell converge, where man dances away his sins as he sweats, bleeds, punches and jumps his demons out.This series honors the journey of a the boxer, a journey through hell, in search of lost love, a love that has few options and a bleak future, yet one still searches and keeps fighting. The journey becomes a journey of the self. A boxer is made in the gym. How far are you willing to go, how badly do you want it, how much pain are you willing to endure, how much heart do you have? Most of the men who walk thought those gym doors do not leave them as famous or successful boxers, in some gyms none, but many do leave as changed men, a better man, if you give yourself to it, it will change you. These images examine love, determination and boxings as a saviour.”
Will Steacy

To see more of Will’s work click here

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